After DOMA: The Future of Gay Marriage in America

I think it’s probably safe to say that gay marriage is eventually going to happen in America, and I don’t mean state by state. What I mean is the end of DOMA and then legislation federally recognizing gay marriage as being legal.

If that happens, we can count on it being taken to the U.S. Supreme Court. What we then can pray for is that our conservative majority will surprise us again as they did with the Affordable Care Act and finally allow it to stand.

Problem with this current SCOTUS, even if they did allow it to stand, they might also leave it open for states to block it individually. Then, we’d be not as far along as we’d like to be when it came to legalizing gay marriage. On the brighter side, at least it would take care of a lot of legal issues as far as income tax filing and other issues dealing with the federal government.

The goal must be that gay marriage be legal in every state of the union and that states are forbidden to treat gay marriage couples any different from heterosexual couples. There cannot be any compromise for anything less as Gay-Americans have a right to be treated under the law the same as everyone else.

It is also important to gay people who are within a same-sex marriage, to be able   to travel or even move anywhere they wish to in the United States and be recognized, the same as a heterosexual couple; anything less means we’re being treated differently and therefore not equal.

What I believe will eventually happen is that more Americans will become more accustom to gay couples living their lives the same as they do and having the same kinds of issues as far as marriage, finances, children, divorce – the whole works, and public opinion will continue to move upward for gay rights and gay marriage.

Some things won’t change. Just because someone is gay and married, doesn’t mean they’ll look or act any different.

There will surely be advertising directed entirely to LGBT people who are married. It becomes a win win situation for communities because gay dollars can buy a lot of nice things that communities need.

It’s my prediction that having gay couples in a neighborhood will bring up real estate values on that fact alone. Believe, me, it’s already true; gay areas tend to be higher up on the real estate scale. Just take a look at California with San Francisco and West Hollywood. Or even take a look at Greenwich Village, New York on the other side of the country.  We Gay people are nice to have around actually, if you want my opinion.

Gay couples in general will keep nice lawns and take care of their properties. I also don’t think you’ll see a rash of lavender-colored houses across the country, simply because gay men are getting married. I’m teasing of course; gay humor.

But I shall warn my heterosexual friends, gay people are just like everyone else and we have our bad apples too. We’ve got our drug addicts, our sex addicts, our crooks and swindlers, just like it is with the rest of society.

There will be marriages that should have never happened, spousal abuse and arguments and fights and all the things that come with marriages across the land. Some will be beautiful relationships that last a lifetime and some will just turn into some kind of nightmare for everyone involved. That’s going to be the same for gay couples; they’ll have some horrific marriages and then marriages that will put many heterosexual relationships to shame, when it comes to love, devotion and commitment.

To summarize what I’m saying here is that LGBT marriages are not going to change the lives of heterosexuals, except maybe those who see the marketing opportunity that legal same-sex marriage in the United States would bring, and most assuredly in a positive way.

I also believe that gay marriage will have a positive impact on communities across the nation. Certainly gay people have already contributed to society since the beginning of time, as we are a very creative sort, by nature I’m certain.

Lastly, I encourage all my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters to support the first president to approve of gay marriage, Barack Obama by getting out in droves this November and casting our ballots.

I’d like to also extend that same encouragement to all LGBT supporters and friends to help us finally legalize same-sex marriage nationwide by reelecting President Obama, who’ll surely work to end DOMA and finally legalize gay marriage in every state across this great nation of ours.

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