Mitt Romney’s Candidacy Brings Little Enthusiasm to Republican Ticket

I know Republicans would really like to beat President Barack Obama out of a second term. Even some of the GOP’s top members – such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have made it no secret there is nothing more important to them than defeating Obama.

I know Conservatives had high hopes for a presidential candidate that would knock Barack Obama’s socks off on the campaign trail and in the upcoming debates in the fall. Unfortunately they got stuck with Mitt Romney, someone who doesn’t even carry the party’s message very well. As far as I’m concerned – they got what they deserved.

As expected, the GOP’s rank and file is falling in line and doing their best to show enthusiastic support for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, their current presidential hopeful. Hopeful is right; unless they pull out their hat full of tricks this coming fall, Mitt Romney will fall.

First, Mitt Romney is falling in the polls and has not managed to secure any kind of real lead since the beginning of campaign season. Second, Republicans had a real nasty nomination campaign and Mitt Romney showed his character quite well to those who were paying attention.

It wasn’t pretty. Mitt Romney came off as being phony and out of touch with average Americans. To me it seemed he was just saying whatever he thought those who he needed to support him wanted him to say.

Third, we all well know that he’s the biggest flip-flopper ever, and I do mean ever. Just name me one person who has flip-flopped more than Mitt Romney? Maybe there is someone but not from my memory.

Then there are the debates. I can’t speak for other Democrats but I am itching to see our president, Barack Obama going up against Mitt Romney in a decent debate. It will be America’s first chance to see the contrast between these two men. I also have no doubt that Obama will shine. I don’t base my confidence in President Obama’s charisma alone either but in his record so far as president and even more importantly – in his character.

Here is where the contrast is the sharpest between Mitt Romney and President Obama; Mitt Romney has shown to me a character that says I will become whatever you want me to be, just make me President. What Romney is really saying is; I will pretend really well at whatever you want me to be.

Then we have Barack Obama. As far as I’m concerned, he has stayed true to his character. In spite of his critics I believe this man to have a large amount of veracity in his character.

It’s not that I see Obama as being perfect either; obviously like most politicians he can exaggerate some on his campaign promises. Still, he fulfilled many of them and in my books, more than his immediate predecessor ever did and probably more than most of the others also.

Though let us not discount charisma as it is sometimes the winning attribute that calls the shots in many elections. Though we like it or not, we as a whole tend to vote for charisma unless there are some serious reasons not to.  This is not really a good thing as surely even an evil man can have charisma. But let us always see the character behind the personality when deciding on supporting one candidate or another.

Anyone who’s being honest with themselves and the world would have to admit that President Obama wins over Mitt Romney hands down when it comes to charisma. President Obama is an excellent speaker for one thing and Mitt Romney on the other hand, has a tendency to constantly put his own foot in his mouth when he speaks.

If there is any enthusiasm in this election coming from Republicans, it isn’t because they’re excited about their current presidential nominee, but because of their shared dislike of President Obama. Mitt Romney just doesn’t light fires in Republican’s hearts the way Barack Obama did with Democrats in 2008.

The question is: Do Republicans have enough dislike for President Obama, so that they have enough enthusiasm to go to the polls in November and pull the lever for Mitt Romney?

This is what I venture will happen: I believe that after a couple of debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney – in which Obama mops the floor up with Mitt Romney – the polls will drop extensively for Mitt Romney. Average Americans who have paid very little attention to this campaign season up to this point will suddenly start paying close attention to Mitt Romney and they will see what is so obvious about the man – a hopeless phony, too high-minded to care for the needs of the populace he supposed to represent.

What’s so obvious is that Mitt Romney is just a rich guy who wants to help other rich guys and his own self by becoming president. He wants more tax cuts for the wealthy and he thinks those who have a problem with wealth are just envious. He has no idea what most Americans go through in their lives and he shows it by what he has to say.

I have confidence that my fellow Americans will see that and know that come election day,  that when they go into that polling booth they make the right decision when it comes to choosing who shall lead us for the next four years. Will it be the guy who likes to fire people or the guy who got us through the Great Recession and on the road to recovery? You Decide.

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