Gay Republicans Angry With Obama Over Announcement

Reading an article from DeWayne Wickham in the Tuesday morning edition concerning a group called Log Cabin Republicans, which is a gay organization for Republican gay people, some things came to mind. For me as a gay Democrat of why gay people, no matter what their political affiliation is, would be angry because America’s first black president gave them his support to marry the one they love.

Of course, Republican gay people confuse me in the first place of why they’d want to support a party that doesn’t support them; sounds rather moronic to me.

I know the Log Cabin Republicans support gay marriage and even if they felt Obama’s timing was off – and to which I might even agree with them to some extent – the very idea of an American president speaking clearly and without reservations, stating that he supports gay marriage is something that went to my very core. I do know what I felt at the very moment as I heard Barack Obama say that people like me should be able to marry who we loved. I also heard in my heart from this man of high distinction and the most powerful man on this Earth at the moment, say that we gay people should have a reason to dream for love and happiness, and to have the same rights as everyone else; yes finally.  

I’m sure my conservative gay brothers and sisters should be able to feel what I just said with the very fiber of their beings. I believe it is all about politics to them right now; supporting their party and showing themselves the true fiscal conservative Republicans they are. I would hope that being gay would mean more to them than being Republican but it looks as though my hopes were dashed.

President Barack Obama has done more for gay people than any president has ever done. His hand has been outstretched to gay people since he took office and he should be respected for that by all gay people, no matter their stripe. As far as I’m concerned, his support among gays should be one hundred percent.

I want my Republican gay friends to understand that a Mitt Romney presidency would surely mean that gay marriage is not likely to move forward on a federal level at all, not even an overturning of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Is this what they want to do; help block gay Americans from marriage for at least four more years and maybe even eight?

There are suggestions Obama did what he did for political reasons; this makes no sense to me at all. Why would an intelligent man like Obama put his re-election in jeopardy with a high gamble of an open support of same-sex marriage, especially since he already has the gay vote? If I think his timing was off, it’s to me why not wait until the election is over but he obviously had other ideas.

President Obama at this very moment I’m sure, doesn’t really know what his announcement concerning his support of gay marriage is going to end up doing; helping him or hurting him. Certainly, it did open the door to some donations pouring in, yet I’m also certain that all those donations don’t add up to the loss of possible votes on Election Day.

The black vote, which is Obama’s most solid support, are historically against gay marriage more than even whites – 39 percent African-Americans to 47 percent white. That in my opinion is not a very politically sound idea, to risk the losing some of his biggest supporters.

Fortunately, black people will still support him though they agree with his stance on gay marriage or not. Those black people who won’t vote to reelect Barack Obama after his announcement concerning his new stance on gay marriage, are probably the same black people who wasn’t going to support him anyway; we’ll wait for further results.

As far as President’s Barack Obama’s timing of announcing his support for gay marriage, right after the North Carolina vote banning same-sex marriage; it would seem to me that our president simply threw down the gauntlet and said to himself, “In for a penny; in for a pound”. So my view is lot more noble of this man who has kept many of his promises, including the repealing of DODT, another issue that Log Cabin Republicans supported, overwhelmingly.

What I do hope of my gay Republican friends is that when they step into the ballot box this next November, and they see those two names before them to choose as their next president; Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, that they realize that one will fight for their right to marry whoever they love and the other will try to see that it never happens. I hope they choose wisely.

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