Republicans Are Not Evil, They’re Just Mean

When I say mean, I don’t mean every Republican out there; as I’ve said before, there are some good people who are Republican. Still, there are many Republicans, especially some lawmakers and maybe some radio talk show host who are just plain mean, along with many of their constituents, just not all of them.

I will point out that Republicans have done really well this election year choosing the candidate that best represents them in Mitt Romney. The man in my opinion is the biggest phony I’ve ever seen run for president, even among all the primary candidates over my lifetime. We voted down Massachusetts Senator John Kerry as president mostly on the accusation he was a flip-flopper and now Republicans are ready to vote for the biggest flip-flopper to hit the campaign trail; Mitt Romney.

Now we just discovered that good old – love -to-fire-people Mitt – was a bully in high school, forcefully cutting the hair of someone he thought was too effeminate because of his long hair; recruiting a gang of boys to hold him down while Mitt applied the scissors to the boy’s hair and while the boy cried and screamed for help. To me, that’s just plain assault, and violent assault at that. But then to me, Romney is the perfect poster boy for what the Republican Party has become; bullies.

If we look back over the past several months through the primary season when Republican nominee hopefuls put on debates across the country, we see some really fine examples of Republicans being mean as they booed or cheered,   expressing their love or hatred for different things.

One of those was when Texas Governor Rick Perry talked about the state of Texas providing in-state intuition for children of illegal immigrants. Republicans in the audience booed Governor Perry’s defense of that program.  It would seem Republicans love children, as long as they don’t belong to illegal immigrants and poor families, but I’ll get to that later.

Another debate they cheered when Gov. Perry bragged about Texas’s death penalty law which has executed more death row inmates that any other state.

They also cheered when Rep Ron Paul (R -Tex.) was asked by Wolfe Blitzer a hypothetical question about an uninsured dying man; about what he would do with someone who was about thirty years old and didn’t have health insurance, and then became sick, and in intensive care for six months; was he going to just let him die? Cheers from the crowd – really nice people I’d love to meet I’m sure.

Recently, a Republican conservative pastor from North Carolina named Sean Harris gave advice to his congregation in a sermon that when their four-year old boys started acting effeminate they should just punch them – fine example of Christian compassion; wouldn’t you say?

Then we have the newest piece of legislation; here’s the most important example of why Republicans are just mean. The House of Representatives just voted on the budget bill offered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R – WIS). Now I would remind you that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) had just told the media that he’s focused on jobs not gay marriage. It’s obvious that Republicans have been focusing on anything but jobs if you’ve paid any attention to what’s come out of the House of Representatives since the Republicans took charge back in early 2011.

This budget is anything but kind to so many needy people. There would be cuts to food programs, including lunch programs for needy children and food stamps, Meals on Wheels programs for seniors,  Medicaid, benefits for federal employees and caps on medical malpractice lawsuits. As I said earlier; Republicans love children, just not the poor ones. But they do protect money for defense and they don’t raise taxes on the wealthy; they’re favorite government program and their favorite constituents. The nicest people you’d ever want to meet; don’t you think?

So of course, Republicans are not evil, they’re just plain mean.

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