Mitt Romney and Republicans Want More Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Those who’re making record profits – the wealthy that is – can count on even more tax cuts if Republicans can just have their way. Republican’s choice of candidates to be their presidential nominee, former Massachusetts’s governor Mitt Romney already has plans to lower taxes even more on the wealthiest of Americans. It doesn’t even matter that most millionaires don’t want lower taxes, there are a few who do and those billionaires are using their power and influence to push for more tax cuts for themselves.

Let’s start with the Republicans’ own plan that’s been introduced to us by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), called the “The Path to Prosperity”. The only people who really see a path to prosperity through Ryan’s budget is the wealthy as they would be the ones receiving and extra $3 trillion in tax cuts, on top of the current Bush tax cuts they’re already receiving. To afford this tax cut, Ryan’s plan would cut social programs and Pell grants, putting millions at risk as far as basic necessities such as food and health care. What wouldn’t be touched is the defense budget; instead they would add $8 billion to that budget along with protecting it from the automatic cuts set in place in last year’s debt deal.

I have to ask myself; what is more important to Republicans than tax cuts for wealthy people and big corporations? Millions of Americans are out of work and struggling to make ends meet and yet Republicans want to keep up the very things that have broken our system and almost bankrupted our economy in the first place.

This is about a transfer of wealth and a consolidating of power to corporations and billionaires. Republicans defend their consistent efforts to cut taxes for the wealthiest with the same old story that taking care of the so-called “Job Creators” will bring prosperity to the rest of us. That ship sailed a long time ago and never did come in.

Enter the room – “the Buffett Rule”. The Buffett Rule was named after Warren Buffett the billionaire, who declared a few months ago that his secretary had a lower tax rate than he did. Because of that certain fact, Democrats in the Senate recently introduced legislation called the “Buffett Rule” to make millionaires who make at least $2 million annually, pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes. Democrats failed Monday to garner the 60 votes needed to advance the bill because of filibuster rules which requires a super-majority.

It doesn’t matter to Republicans that this is what most Americans want. A Gallup poll shows that the Buffett Rule is popular with most Americans, showing a 60 to 37 approval of the Buffett Rule and the idea that millionaires should pay more, not less than everyone else.

Republican lawmakers have made it their top priority to protect the wealth of the wealthiest with most of them signing on to Grover Norquist’s pledge not to raise taxes for any reason at anytime. It’s okay to cut programs that are popular with most Americans as long as it means protecting the wealth of the wealthiest.

As far as Republican lawmakers are concerned, cutting social programs such as Medicare and Social Security to fix the economy makes all the sense in the world but taking even one more penny out of the super rich is completely off of the table. Republicans instead want to cut more taxes for the wealthy on the backs of everyone else.

If Mitt Romney manages to win the White House and Republicans manage to take control of the Senate along with the House of Representatives they already control, we will see another huge distribution of wealth as more tax cuts are passed on top of the Bush tax cuts that will favor the wealthy. It’s also likely a Republican president backed by a Republican-controlled congress will start yet another war, probably with Iran and we the working class will have to foot that bill also because again, Republican will do whatever they can to protect the wealth of the wealthiest.

The best solution to keep Republicans from again running this country’s economy into the ground is to make sure they don’t gain anymore seats in our Congress and especially that they don’t gain the seat of the highest office in the land; the presidency. If we do give them the keys to the kingdom again as we did for eight years of the Bush presidency, I hate to see what this country will look like in another four or even eight years of more Republican politics, only to again elect a Democratic president to come in to clean up the mess and to take the blame for the mess, as the GOP has done with President Obama.

Let’s give the Obama Administration another four years to complete what they started and that is to set this country on the right path, a path that will not only bring more opportunity to the wealthy, which they already  have, but to average working class Americans of all different income levels. Things are already starting look up in this country and it would be a shame to end it and return to the same kind of policies of the Bush administration that got us into this mess in the first place.

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