In Trayvon Martin Case, Voice Screaming For Help May Decide Case

The man who shot Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has finally been charged and arrested. The charge is second degree murder though I think it will be reduced to a lesser charge of manslaughter.  Still, we haven’t seen all the evidence in this case so it’s a wait and see.

The evidence seems meager but there are some basic facts which have brought the case to this point. We do know that the victim, Trayvon Martin was armed with tea and a bag of skittles, George Zimmerman his killer was armed with a gun.

We don’t know exactly what went down between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman during that confrontation but there is a 911 tape that records a voice screaming for help. First reports were that the voice was George Zimmerman but now there is possible evidence that the voice was actually Trayvon’s voice. It’s this evidence I believe that’s going to decide if Mr. Zimmerman’s story is true – that he was defending himself from Trayvon Martin.

It was George Zimmerman’s decision to follow the victim, even after being told by the 911 dispatcher “We don’t need you to do that.” It was also George Zimmerman’s decision to pull out his gun during this confrontation with the victim. The question is; did George Zimmerman have a good reason to pull out that gun?

The one piece of evidence in this case is the 911 call that overheard the screaming for help by one of the two involved. Two voice identification experts claim that the voice is not George Zimmerman. If that proves to be true, it would by elimination mean the voice belonged to Trayvon Martin. That call could make all the difference in this case, no matter what else there is. It was who that voice belonged to that speaks volumes of who needed help and who was attacking who.

We do know that if George Zimmerman had listened to the police dispatcher and not followed Trayvon Martin and had instead waited at his vehicle until the police arrived, Trayvon Martin would still be alive. If Mr. Zimmerman had allowed the police to question Trayvon Martin and found that he had a legitimate reason for being there, he wouldn’t be up for second degree murder charges at this moment in his life and Trayvon Martin would still be alive.

It was George Zimmerman’s actions that caused the death of an innocent teenager who had simply went out to the store for tea and a bag of skittles – this we know.  If Mr. Zimmerman did actually feel he needed to defend himself, it will still not relieve him of his responsibility in this case.

The special prosecutor in this case, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey is viewed as a very competent prosecutor and highly respected.  The circumstances surrounding this killing promise that it will be staying on top of the news until at least the finish of this trial and even further, depending on the outcome.

Nothing is going to bring back Trayvon Martin to his family. The only thing the family can hope for at this point is for justice – at least now there is a good chance that will happen. There is also good reason to believe that there will now be much more scrutiny concerning the “Stand Your Ground Law” that allowed George Zimmerman to at first, walk away from this without even being charged.

Thanks to the outrage from tens of thousands across the country, the case drew enough attention to finally bring in the Justice department and the final appointment of a special prosecutor.

If Mr. Zimmerman is finally found guilty of at least manslaughter, it will send a clear message to would-be vigilantes who might take the “Stand Your Ground Law” as being a license to kill anyone they don’t like; they may also end up facing charges that will send them away for a very long time.

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  1. avatar valrfederoff says:

    As we know, the whels of justice move slo….w. There was a lot of foot dragging until public outrage put the pressure on.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      Yes, if there hadn’t be heavy public demand that something be done, this would have simply been swept beneath the carpet and forgotten about. Young, innocent teenager, never got to live his life, laying dead because some guy with a gun thought he looked suspicious.

      The Sanford Police Department failed their jobs miserably; they didn’t secure the crime scene; they allowed George Zimmerman to go free. They took blood and urine samples from Trayvon’s body for test but they didn’t bother with George Zimmerman. There is something very wrong here.

  2. avatar angrymanspeaks says:

    And therein lies the real tragedy. If not for the public outcry; Cowboy George would never have been charged or even questioned further.

    I was really hoping George was just a psychopath but it turns out he is a racist psychopath.

    No surprize I suppose but much disappointment as everytime this happens.

    It really is time to put a stop to this.

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