Rootin’ – Tootin’ Cowboy George


Home of the Miami Dolphins; The Everglades; Disney World; Sea World; and now; “Cowboy George Zimmerman”

“I’m the law in this here town “Boy”.

“Where’d you get them Skittles?”

“You got some of that “Crack” hidden in that ‘Suspicious Hoody’?”

Is this a joke?

Sadly it isn’t………………………………………………….

…………………………………………..As you know; I support the right to own and carry a gun for my protection.

From other guns or a deadly weapons; pulled on me through no fault of my own.

But to use that right to justify shooting down an unarmed boy talking on his cell phone while walking home?

After you forced a confrontation with the boy by following him?

After you were instructed to go home and NOT to follow him by the Police?


And the Police and prosecuter don’t get why his parents and every person with a heart or conscience in America is so upset.

Jeraldo Riviera made the statement that the “Hoody” Trayvon Martin was wearing was the reason this happened.

After all; Cowboy George was allowed  to use his handgun in Florida; to “stand his ground” against a viscious Skittles attack. Especially if confronted with a “Suspicious Hoody”.

They say that Trayvon was wearing a “Suspicious Hoody”.

Cowboy George's "Dangerous" ?Assailant?

Was the Hoody shifting around?

Was it trying to get off of Trayvon and make a run for it?

Or was it just “Suspicious” because of the big red target on the back and the words “Place Bullet Here”?

“Suspicious Hoody”

I always thought Jeraldo was a bit of a Twit, but this time he has gone too far.

He was always a bit of a loser really.

Always a bit extreme.


“We are finally ready to open the “SECRET VAULT OF AL CAPONE”

“They are breaking through the wall and inside………NOTHING! Nothing? nothing.”

Who could forget?

I know I won’t let anyone forget.

But for Jernaldo Revolver or anyone else to try to lay the blame for this obviously premeditated case of cold blooded murder on the Hoody; Travon Martin was wearing?

This no more right or acceptable than blaming a woman’s Rape on the fact that she was wearing a short skirt.

The implication is that she/ he deserved what they got.

That they were asking for it.

Really Jeraldo?


You think Trayvon Martin was asking to be gunned down by walking home wearing a Hoody?

And; by Neighborhood Watchman Dufus?

And the results of this confrontation:

George got a busted nose. (He claims)

His deadly, scary opponent; the Hoody wearing; Skittles eating; Home walking; Girlfriend talking; doing not a thing in the world wrong; Trayvon is dead; forever; and his parents will never see their son again.

He will never marry; have children; or be there when his parents need him most.

He will never get the chance to say “Hey! I was just walking home.” and he will never again get to say “I love you” to anyone he cares about.


Cowboy George Zimmerman made sure of that when he blew that young man’s life out of his body because the boy objected to being followed by a gun toting loser with delusions of Grandeur.

It’s a shame George was the only one armed.

Trayvon could very reasonably have shot Cowboy George and been home having Skittles with his girlfriend under Florida’s law.

He was; after all; the one confronted by an armed assailant who had been insructed to leave Trayvon alone.

And you say we shouldn’t be carrying a gun?

Lunatics like Cowboy George do.

I’ll bet Trayvon Martin would wish he had been carrying too.

If he could still wish anything.

I sure wish he had.

When it comes down to a choice; and it is a choice; I would far rather see Cowboy George up there on Boot Hill than Travon’s senseless slaughter for walking down the wrong street.

Somebody should explain to Cowboy George what happened to a Cowboy in the old west who killed another man’s son.

See how he feels about being the star of his own Wild West show then.

There is a problem in this country when we execute someone like Eileen Warnes who was beaten raped and brutilized into a phycopathic killing rage; BUT; we don’t even arrest a self-righteous, Cop-Wanna-Be when he coldbloodedly destroys the lives of a whole family and sickens all of us by his arrogant; careless act of murder.

Premeditated murder I should add.

Unfortunately; the question that won’t let me be; the one I don’t want to have to ask; the one I can’t help but ask; is:

If Trayvon had pulled out a gun and successfully defended himself against this pathetic creep; would he be walking the streets free?

Scary Guy Huh? Cowboy George thought he was so scary he shot him down because he was there.

Or would Florida be offering young Trayvon; an express trip to the Lethal Injection Guerney?

After all; He was wearing that Suspicious Hoody.

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