Neighborhood Watch = Nosey Neighbor; Not Armed Stalker

I thought I was done with this Tragedy but apparently not.

I just recieved confirmation of the suspicions i expressed in my last article: “Rootin’-Tootin’ Cowboy George”

It turns out that Our Boy George is exactly the type of unstable individual that we believed he probably was……………………..

…………………………….George has admitted that he “always wanted to be a cop” and he has previously applied to at least one police department and been turned down because;………………….(Pay attention now) because they determined that George had some issues that made him inelligable to work as a police officer.

Our Boy George; it seems; has several prior arrests for Domestic Abuse and Assault.

Imagine that.

The Lone Ranger who took it upon himself to arrogantly steal the life of young Trayvon Martin; turns out to be a frustrated, wanna-be cop who lived with the knowledge that he would never fulfill his dream.

Was that dream to be a protector of the helpless?

Did he desire to be a zealous Public Servant; upholding the law for the benefit of his community?


Cowboy George Zimmerman is a wife beater.

A man with pent-up anger that he habitually takes out on his wife because she is helpless to fight back.

George Zimmerman is a maladjusted man.

A bully with a “Rambo Complex”.

A twisted, frustrated, angry man who; having no current option to beat and abuse his wife; was looking for an outlet for his rage.

George Zimmerman is a Cold-Blooded Murderer using the guise of “Neighborhood Watchman” as a sick excuse for his slaughter of; someone he probably expected to be an easy target and someone he could easily frame as an aggressor.

It turns out that George calls 911 frequently to report any “Suspicious” people he sees in his “Gated Community”

Oddly; the 911 tapes indicate that all of the “Suspicious” people are also “Black” people.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying George is crazy or unable to understand his crime.

He understands it alright.

He has probably been lurking in the shadows and back-allies of his neighborhood for sometime; hoping for a chance to do the one thing he has never had the chance to do.

The ultimate expression of his need to destroy others to assuage his own pain.

And when Trayvon Martin decided to walk home from the store; carelessly wearing a”Suspicious Hoody” and talking to his girlfriend on the phone;………

The  Crusading Cowboy; now working his John Wesley Hardin impression; and after calling 911 to document his “concern” about this dangerous criminal; puposely provoked a confrontation with Travon who; being armed only with a cell phone and a bag of “Skittles” he had just purchased; was understandably frightened by the creepy man following him.

After forcing Trayvon to deal with him; he shot Trayvon down in the street.

Why Trayvon?

Why anyone’s child?

Some say it was because Travon was “Black”.

Or because he was “Mixed”.

I don’t know why.

Before this happened; had you asked; I would have said that I hope no one’s child is ever killed because of their race.


Now that doesn’t seem an adequate sentiment.

This young man is dead.

If he was chosen by this “Sick Twist” because he was “Black” or because he was “There”; it doesn’t change the fact that he took the “Wa” of Travon; his entire family; and his girlfriends family as well as that of all who knew and loved Travon and crushed it so they may never find peace again.

In fact; he has done some damage to my “Wa” as well as is evidenced by my seeming inability to leave this alone.

The reason I say that my sentiments about the possible reason for his killing being his race seem inadequate now is that; right now;

I know the Community; actually caring people of all races all over America are outraged and they are marching and wearing Hoodys and demanding an investigation.

And they should.

I agree that we need to know why and address that.

But right now? I can say almost for sure that Travon’s parents arn’t thinking about why he was killed.

They will think about that later.

Right now the only thing they care about is the deep, burning,emptiness in their guts.

The spinning confusion of a mind trying to adjust to a new reality so terrible; so sad;……….so irrepairable.

“Neighborhood Watch” indeed!

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