I Used To Think I Was A Conservative…No Wait; A Liberal….Or…

Maybe I was just confused.

Then; over time; I began to realise that far from being confused; I had a very good hold on what I thought and think about the various pieces of insanity that surround us;  but…………………………………..

……………………………………….I did find; over the years that most of the folks who made the most noise about politics and were supposed to be the smart ones who knew the direction we should take and how to get to where we want to be turned out to be Very confused.

Either they don’t know what the American people want or they don’t care; I thought.

Then it came to  me.

Politicians don’t run Governments.

They set Policy and they attempt to enforce these policies but Governments are run by Beaurocrats.

And we don’t elect these people. They are appointed or they come up through the ranks of government service to reach the top un-elected positions.

They hold these positions for years; through changing administrations and they are the ones with the real knowledge and expertise.

So a President or other elected official is forced to rely on data and advice from these “experts” and of course these folks have their own agenda and that agenda generally speaking; is to keep their jobs.

So; if ; for instance; a security professional; high up in our intelligence service; believes that a certain peice of data might end his most impressive project or cause the lessening of our alert status; it might behoove him to keep it to himself or fail to alert the president or even give bad advice to keep his money rolling in.

My point is that any President is confronted with multiple obsticles to getting his pet projects passed etc.

The Beaurocrats; the Congress; the Press; the huge amount of money the other party is willing to throw at an issue to get what they want or prevent the President from getting what he wants.

This has been very true of Obama although that doesn’t excuse all of his failures and frighteningly bad decisions.

But I began to think; because of these things that only a Grass Roots Movement had a chance to achieve success.

And I still believe that. Change will never come from witin the system.

It is designed to avoid reform.

I thought I had figured out the problem;

Of course; a Grassroots Movement.

Then I began to look at those roots and another problem reared it’s ugly head.

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