Compassion is Neither Blue or Red

I’m a liberal, but I also live in a conservative state – Oklahoma.  I was born in this state though I’ve also lived for fourteen and a half years in California. California is mostly a liberal state. When it comes to finding compassionate people – those who have empathy for others – I can find it wherever I look, in conservative bastions and in liberal strongholds.

Compassion also can come from religious people or non-religious people. It doesn’t take religion to see someone hurting and care about what’s happening to them and even reaching out to them with charity and compassion.

I’ve met preachers who were selfish and only thought of themselves. I’ve met prostitutes who would give you the shirt off their backs if they thought you needed help.

It’s true; some conservative politics are anything but compassionate, like the ones that want to end social programs that some in this country desperately depend on. This is not because all conservatives are cold-hearted but because some of their leaders are, along with those who influence those leaders, such as corporate interests and rich pockets who want to be even richer. This puts a brand on conservatives that’s hard to shake.

I do know that being a conservative doesn’t make someone a bad person. But, neither does being a liberal make someone a bad person. We’re in a time in America that there are those who would divide us by demonizing the other side. I might be accused of that myself by some conservatives but I must tell you, my blogs are never meant to imply that all conservatives are evil or bad people. I grew up with conservatives and some of the best people I know are conservatives.

I heard about a survey that shows that conservatives give more than liberals but I doubt that. Not that I think conservatives give less but I believe that liberals may be more likely to give in ways that don’t get reported as much, such as giving to individuals or simply making cash, clothes, food and other types of donations that might not give public credit to the giver.

I also know that there are many conservatives that actually do care about unborn children, but I also know there are many who’re just following the conservative brand of politics. If someone is really concerned about unborn children, it would lead someone to believe that they would also care about the ones who are already born in this world but yet struggle to survive because of hunger.

To me it is hypocritical for one to seem so passionate about a cause such as abortion and then seem not to have any passion at all about the thousands of children who die every day from hunger.

Sure, there are those who are in the Pro-Life movement because their hearts are full of compassion concerning children who have not had a chance to even live but there are also those who see it as just a means to make themselves out to be compassionate and really care nothing about those children.

Politicians are the ones who make conservative and liberal people look bad. When you have a politician who pretends or puts up a front of one position or the other so as to please the base of the party they belong to, you find the strongest form of hypocrisy.  That’s because they know the truth about themselves and they know when they’re not being completely honest with the public.

The idea of compassionate conservatism is not really an oxymoron but many liberals think of it that way. They think of it that way because conservative politicians pretend to be compassionate by what they say but their actions and the types of legislation they have supported say otherwise. For example; when a politician claims to be compassionate and yet unapologetically cuts programs that   needy children depend on – there’s nothing compassionate about that. If only politicians could be taken out of the equation, maybe all of the divisions that so separates liberals and conservatives would not be so wide.

Compassion is about caring and looking outside of ourselves. It’s not about politics or religion, even though religion might inspire it.  If you ever find yourself in a bad situation and you need help, a total stranger maybe the one who helps you and that total stranger might be a conservative or a liberal, or an atheist or a Christian, or a Muslim or a Buddhist or they may believe in some other religion. We’re all in this world together. National tragedies shouldn’t be the only thing that brings us together.  Maybe we should stop listening to the politicians and the news media and instead, reach out to each other in understanding. Stop judging each other and stop believing that someone is evil because they belong to the other political party or sees things differently.

The one common thread we have is our compassion and those without compassion are the ones who usually separate us. Let’s step out of the box and out of ourselves and find each other in the dark and confusion that this world has become.  Let us be led, not by our ideology by our hearts because our hearts never lie.

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  1. avatar valrfederoff says:

    Fid, You answered a question (or raised one) that I just couldn’t get off my tongue at Bible study last night. Isn’t funny how we need a national disaster to come together.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      I believe it’s important that we look beyond our petty differences to find common ground when it comes to caring about others. Jesus didn’t spout political-speak when he felt compassion for the multitude that was hungry – he just fed them.

      Thanks for your comment.

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