U.S. Foreign Policy Should Not be based on Fear

I realize that many of us have our eyes on Iran and the danger they pose because of their development of uranium centrifuges, as this brings them even closer to developing a nuclear weapon. There’s a lot of fear going around and it’s being encouraged by the voices on the right, especially the Republican candidates for president.

Three of the four candidates running for the Republican nomination have made it clear that they’ll respond to Iran with aggressiveness; Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. We can probably count on it, that if any of these men become the next president, they’ll lead us into war with Iran though we like it or not. You could almost say, this is what Republicans do; they go to war, especially with large oil-bearing countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran, which is the next country in their crosshairs.

To gain support for war with any country requires a lot of fear with the American people. Fear is what led us into war with Iraq, which the Bush Administration cherry picked flawed intelligence to make their case that Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of nuclear weapons. This turned out to be false.

True; Iran gaining nuclear weapons is not a good thing, their leaders have made it no secret that they’d like to wipe Israel off the face of the map. The Obama Administration has also made it clear that they do not intend on allowing Iran to   develop nuclear weapons but they’re urging caution and more diplomacy with Israel, which is what we should do at this point. This may not be enough and Israel is likely to bring about an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, yet they have no idea how successful they’ll be. Even if Israel is successful, it may only delay Iran’s nuclear ambitions for just a few more months, if that. What they will do for sure is put Iran in a corner that will assure that when and if they do gain a nuclear bomb, they will more likely use it.

Trying to surgically remove Iran’s nuclear facilities in a way that would completely destroy their nuclear capabilities is like someone having a malignant cancerous tumor and trying to surgically remove it without Chemotherapy and hoping it won’t grow back or even spread further.

President Obama speaking to AIPAC a few days ago said:

“Already, there is too much loose talk of war, Over the last few weeks such talk has only benefited the Iranian government by driving up the price of oil, which they depend on to fund their nuclear program.

“For the sake of Israel’s security, America’s security and the peace and security of the world, now is not the time for bluster.”

What he is referring to here is that the “loose talk of war” may in fact encourage Iran to speed up their nuclear ambitions.

If we allow fear to rule here, then we’re likely to find ourselves in the same place we did with Iraq but the difference this time will be; we don’t have the treasure to lose or the manpower. And, more importantly; we don’t have the heart.

The question here is; does America have a such a short memory that we’ll again allow politicians, who are in the pockets of powerful oil interests, to again lead us into another war without allowing the diplomacy to completely play out? I would hope not.

Our nation will not survive if we allow ourselves to be brought to war by every threat around the world. The policy of pre-emptive strike was first brought to us by the Bush Administration and it was a mistake then and it’s a mistake now. Deterrence is still the best policy, even with Iran. Though Iran does carry a threat to the world by obtaining a nuclear weapon, they pose more of a threat if they’re boxed in and are forced to believe that it’s there only alternative to use that capability.

One aspect of a possible nuclear bombing of Israel that I never hear mentioned   is; what would happen to the Palestinian people if Israel is bombed with a nuclear missile? It isn’t in the interest of Iran to harm Palestinians and especially the future of a Palestinian state. This may not be talked about by any side but surely it is a consideration that even the leaders of Iran must think about before trying to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth”. Are the Palestinians to be considered only pawns that can be given up in this desire to destroy Israel?

For one thing, Iran; if successful in their goal of destroying Israel will also kill thousands if not tens of thousands of Palestinians. Iran would not want to be the ones who killed off the very people who the Arab world has sympathized with concerning their plight with Israel.

So let’s hope that cooler heads will prevail and politicians, wishing to push a war with Iran, will be overlooked for the zealots that they surely show themselves to be. Our president is right; we need to allow the diplomatic channels to play out.

We can’t determine what Israel should do, they’re the ones who’re under the threat, but as a nation ourselves, let us not allow ourselves to make the same mistake as we did with Iraq and invest what we cannot afford to invest in another war that may prove to be futile and maybe even the destruction of us all.

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  1. avatar Mr. Bab says:

    The common mistake in the nuclear dialogue is that American politicians equate a “threat” to Israel with a threat to the U.S. Arab states usually refer to Israel and the West interchangeably but we shouldn’t let their rhetoric persuade our thinking. Israel has yet to confirm or deny their nuclear weapon storage, even though the world knows they have one, and they have the strongest military in the Middle East. Iran is not a military threat, period.

    Iran is territorially larger and more populated than Iraq so an invasion then occupation would be a bad idea and a tougher objective.

    I’ve yet to speak with a FP analyst or someone in the military field that supports a pre-emptive strike on Iran, or backing Israel’s pre-emptive strike, even if Iran chose to close the Straits of Hormuz; they have all dismissed the idea as absurd. 3/4 GOP candidates are using this as a political tool to suggest Obama doesn’t care for Israel or weak on FP. Democrats have always won the Jewish vote but it doesn’t hurt to try.

    The military-media complex doesn’t help either. Day by day MSM tries to convince us of the threat Iran poses. I don’t have much faith in the citizens to see through the BS.

    Pubic opinion greatly affects public policy, especially FP. We the people must demand a non-intervention FP from both parties and hold the President’s feet to the fire. Silence is concession.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      Mr. Bab,
      You’re very well versed on the situation I can tell. You’re always welcome to write or republish blogs on this site if you so wish. Just let me know and I’ll add you to the author line up.

      What we’re seeing from Republicans is there usual dance for their political base, and that requires tough talk against Middle Eastern countries that pose a threat to Israel or any U.S. interests. You’re also right; Iran is not an Arab state but a Persian one.

      Israel of course is in between a rock and a hard place all the time because of their geographical, geopolitical, cultural and even religious place in the world. It’s almost impossible to not have some sympathy for it if you’re of Christian or Jewish faith as it stands so significant for these two religious and cultural parallels . We also find it impossible to not look at tiny little Israel against the humongous and overwhelming Arab and Persian countries that surround it and not have some respect for their resilience to stand tall, like David against Goliath. So it comes natural for us to defend them.

      Still, we cannot live on paranoia. We also must believe that Israel must try a little harder to get along with its neighbors and have just a bit more respect for the idea of a Palestinian state. Their continued building in the West Bank flies in the face of that, but so many of their fundamentalist citizens who hold so much sway over their government; much like our Christian Right holds over our government – encourages that continuance which further exacerbates the problem.

      It’s almost as though Israel is destined to be at war with their neighbors and destined to be a pivotal line drawn in the sand between U.S. interests and Arab/Persian interests. It’s almost too baffling of a puzzle to work out as there always seem to be a piece of the puzzle missing.

      • avatar Mr. Bab says:

        Ok I will.

        Since America is supposedly a Christian nation, we should look at the Bible for how the Middle East, specifically the Arab-Israeli conflict, will end. There will forever be conflict, according the Bible, til the return of Jesus.

        Israel is our ally for many reasons, especially since they are the only democratic nation in that area. Again, Israel has the best military in the Middle East, perhaps next to Turkey but they are not a threat, and have proven over and over they are above capable of handling themselves.

        Both sides need to do a better side of coming to the table w/o pre-conditions and land swaps. Israel needs to discontinue building on the settlements, as you noted as well.

        Despite the murky picture, America, and her citizens’ acceptance thru silence, seems more and more determined to control, manipulate, and extract from the Middle East. Both parties are guilty of this.

        • avatar fidlerten says:

          Mr. Bab,
          When you said “I will”; did that mean you would like to publish on this website? If so, then I will need to inform you of a few things first on how we do certain things here.

          Contact me on my public email: fidlerten@hotmail.com and I will go over things with you if that’s the case.

  2. avatar Mr. Bab says:

    Correction: Iran is not an Arab state but nonetheless…

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