You Can Take Government Out of Religion, but…

To finish the title of this article is to remember an old cigarette commercial that anyone who’s old enough to remember cigarette commercials can remember. That brand of cigarette was Salem Cigarettes and the commercial sang a song that went like this:

You can take Salem out of the country but, you can’t take the country out of Salem.

So in this case I refer to religion and government instead of Salem cigarettes and the country. In other words:

You can take Government out of religion but you can’t take religion out of government. It would have been just too long of a title but I hope you get my point. Or I should say – this is what Republicans seems to want us to believe nowadays.

Recently there has been a very heated battle going on between social conservatives and liberals and in that battle, conservatives are insisting that government get out of religion as far as allowing religious institutions to be able to decide to provide certain types of health care if someone’s religion has an ethical problem with it.

At the same time, social conservatives – or actually Republican lawmakers in the federal government along with state governors and legislators are trying to enforce their religious views on government and they want government to intervene with laws to enforce certain religious edicts such as forcing women to have a transvaginal ultra sound in which a probe is inserted into the woman’s vagina. This is a bill poised to be passed in the Virginia legislator and will likely be signed by Republican governor Bob McDonnell.

This is just the latest of legislation being introduced and sometimes passed in state houses by Republican governors and Republican legislators. Several bills across the country have been introduced to try to circumvent a woman’s right to an abortion. This is the first bill of its kind that actually forces a woman to undergo an invasive probe that’s not medically necessary and will not likely be covered by the woman’s insurance.

My own state of Oklahoma passed a law to force a woman to undergo an ultrasound but not an invasive one. That law was overturned by a state judge.

It would seem that Republicans would like to have their cake and eat it too by pushing laws that are obviously meant to enforce their own religious beliefs on the general electorate by passing laws that govern what a woman can do with her own body when it comes to abortions and to restrict gays from being able to marry but they also want government to stay out of religious organizations, such as the current contraception fight that was started by the Catholic church but continues to play out in Congress by Republican lawmakers.

So let’s be clear; they want government to stay out of religious organizations but they want religion injected into government laws.  It would seem that Republicans are working to destroy the wall that exist between government and religion but at the same time, demand that government stay out of religion. It would make one to ask: what exactly does Republicans want?

Republicans seem to want to have a theocracy in which our government is controlled by the religious moral beliefs of the Religious Right and yet also protect that same Religious Right from government interference.  What about the religious rights of those who don’t believe like the Religious Right; are their rights to be overruled by a group that seems to have so much sway over the Republican Party?

The same group that wishes to impose its moral beliefs on the rest of the country, which is mostly made up of Evangelicals is also concerned that our government will be influenced by Sharia Law or Islamic Law. My own state of Oklahoma passed a law back in the 2008 General Election to bar courts from considering Sharia Law or international law when deciding cases. This is the same Sharia Law that the Taliban used when they ruled Afghanistan in which women basically had no rights. It would seem to me that this country’s laws are being intruded upon by the same type of laws that restrict women’s rights.

I would suggest that our Republican lawmakers make up their mind; if they want government to stay out of religion; then also expect religion to stay out of government.

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  1. It’s the other way around, it’s the government trying to control religion…. and no the Catholic Church did not start the contraception fight (actually the religious freedom fight), it is the government via the HHS mandate that started it. Sometimes I feel it’s like we’re in 1930s Nazi Germany, and the Nazi government is trying to tell us that Jews are not persons, except today it’s the Executive branch of US Government telling us that we have to pay for the execution of unborn defenseless person. I guess trying to prove a Jew was a person in HItler Germany would be as fruitless as proving a unborn baby is a person in Obama USA. Why is the government forcing us to pay for a method that terminates a person, currently through contraception and undoubtedly in a few years will force us to pay for early-term, then mid-term, and then partial-birth abortion, euthanizing the unuseful elderly. It’s a slippery slope. I’m sure Hitler would have labeled me extreme in 1930’s Germany. I’m for all women’s rights, including unborn women, elderly women, and for the weakest in our society. I thought the Democrats were for the “little guy”, I suppose that they are now only for the “little guy” that can vote. This is not a contraception issue, it’s a freedom of religion issue, it’s a human rights issue….

    First, they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic,

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      You are the one whose got it all wrong. You’ve been watching too much Fox News and you have your facts all screwed up which has screwed your head all up.

      As far as the mandate; if you had read my last post, you’d understand that taxpayers pay for the uninsured now, before ObamaCare is fully implemented. And, maybe you just didn’t know this, but the health care mandate was a Republican idea before it became Obama’s idea.

      And this idea of contraception kills unborn babies is crap and you know it. I suppose every time a man spills his seed anywhere but inside of a woman’s womb, he’s killing babies. Contraception is simply keeping someone from getting pregnant, nothing else. If there isn’t contraception, you will have one of two things, or both; a bunch of unwanted children causing a major population explosion, or you’ll have an increase in abortions.

      For once, stop listening to Fox News and pay attention to the consequences of what you’re saying.

      And as far as killing babies; the biggest killers of children is war and starvation, but I don’t hear your Christian conservative Republicans talking about how bad war is or how much you care about starving children in Africa. Oh sure, killing a bunch of foreign, dark skinned babies is just not the same as killing white American babies; is that it? Your position is very hypocritical. Talking about Nazi Germany like you were there. I happen to be Gay and I also know that gays were rounded up just like Jews and sent to the gas chamber also.

      If you want to save children, go become a missionary and get shipped over to Africa where little children are dying every day from starvation because people like you are too busy trying to see that babies are born but once they’re born, you don’t have much use for them. No, you just like to pat yourself on the back about how Christian you are because you go around to websites crying about unborn children when you can’t even take care of the ones that are already born.

      So you’re preaching up the wrong alley here. I worked for a mission for five and a half years and I saw old mentally ill people on the street because a Republican president named Reagan wanted to give a big tax cut to wealthy people so he had that bad old government kick a bunch of mentally ill people on the street to defend for themselves. That’s good old compassionate conservatism at work for you.

      And, it isn’t government that’s evil, it’s the super wealthy interest that’s pulling the strings behind government that’s the real evil.

      Get your facts straight and your Christian values too.

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