Part 1: The Application

Hey Folks. Glad to be back here at Fid’s place. It’s been awhile since I have had a chance to post here due to some minor personal issues; namely how to survive now that I can no longer work.

“God willin’ and the Libertarians don’t get elected”; it looks like I am mere months away from actualy seeing a check.

I have a hearing on the 22nd of this month and the Lawyers and Doctors are Optimistic.

Optimistic. Nice word. Won’t feed the family though.

It is interesting that for Thirty-five years I worked. Hard.

I showed up everyday; even when I was sick; unless I was unable to leave home due to my symptoms.

I did whatever was asked of me in the various jobs I held and didn’t complain when the work was hard or the hours long or the pay; less than I deserved.

Now; I’m not saying that I was an ambitious go-getter out to take on the world.

Not me. But I was a good , solid, employee who could be trusted with responsibility and was so trusted.

I never told the Government that they would have to wait two or three years for me to send them the Social Security Tax I owed.

And I owned my own business for ten years and payed the one and a half times self-employment rate.

I never questioned their veracity when they promised that they were using the money wisely and that I would be able to count on Social Security if I were ever disabled.

I never asked them to apply for my money or provide proof that they actually would do what they said
No; I worked for thirty-five years; payed my taxes; and then when I became disabled; after my Quintouple By-pass Surgery; due to an unhealed (Non-fused) Sternum and several other issues; easily proven by a series of  X-rays, MRIs, Blood Tests, Nerve Conduction Studies, Breathing Tests, and REPEATED manipulation of painful joints, muscles and nerves by several Physicians, Psychologists, and Medical Technicians; and my obvious Agony in response;;  I applied as required for those disability benefits that they promised I would recieve if I became disabled and……………………………………………………………

………………………………………………………………TWO YEARS later; I am on my THIRD appeal.

Most peope who receive benefits go through at least three appeals in addition to the original application.

The first two are mearly repeats of the original application process except that your case gets reviewed by different people; assumedly with ever increasing levels of authority.

The third appeal; now that is a critter all it’s own.

This appeal takes the form of a hearing before an Administrative Judge.

Finally; after two years; I get the chance to actually speak to a living person about my disabilities and pain etc.

I have completed multiple (Approximately 75 between the various entities) pages of handwritten documents detailing my condition both for Social Security and for the State Retirement Board before them; and the Short Term Disability Insurance carrier; and then again for the same carrier for my Long Term Disability Insurance because photocopying my previous responses and passing them across the desk to the Long Term Disability people was not possible for some vague reason I like to call the ; “I won’t say so but the reason for the new documents is that we are really hoping you; or your Doctor will screw up or give up and fail to complete them thus giving us a “Valid” reason to stop paying you”; explanation.

In fact; all of these various entities could easily have used a single document designed to cover everyone’s questions.

Of course; simplification is not the goal here. The Insurance Company; like Social Security recognises that the more complex and difficult to understand you make the application process; the fewer people will complete it.

Dedication and Perservearence are required here.

Also the Patience of a Saint and the Long-suffering of Job.

And while we’re at it; we should also throw in the Mental Stability and Self Esteem of Superman to boot.

Unless you have Savings or other income to support you; or friends and relatives who are in a position to help; there is no help for you while you await the approval of your Disability Claim.




But; you say; what about that FAT Retirement check?

What about that Long Term Disability Insurance you worked so hard to get?

Tell you next time.

I’ve been having quite a bit of pain lately and I find it hard to sit too long or key too much.

This should be a relief to any of you who have suffered through one of my lengthy predictions of our National Demise and the impending take-over of the New World Order.

So; keeping it brief.

Besides; I was writing another article for this site when I was sidetracked by a call from my Attorneys

It’s Political and as I say: brevity is not my Forte'; especially where Politics are concerned.

Neither is speed. Not anymore. But more next time. In “Part 2: The Wait”.

Attorneys. and Doctors………………Very Optimistic; these fellows……………..As I said.

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  1. avatar fidlerten says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been having such a difficult time in your life right now over this red tape you have to go through to get what you’re owed and due to you.

    I’ve heard of this before and I pray I won’t have to ever go through it myself. I do pray for you too that this will work out soon and work out good for you.

  2. I am sending you all the best wishes for your hearing. Done that, been there. The admin judges are part of a corrupt system that makes everything about doing the right thing on our end feel like a worthless endeavor.

    Its a circus but what choice do we have when illness takes over leaving behind chronic pain in its wake.

    Many blessings ahead~

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