Is the GOP Stuck with Mitt Romney?

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The Democrats are ecstatic; The Republicans have painted themselves into a corner. Their overwhelming desire to make President Barack Obama a one-term president has put them in a position of disadvantage. How did they get here?

First, they got here by being an uncompromising party, or at least letting uncompromising people take the control of the reins of the party, or in other words; the Tea Party has spoiled their choices. Let’s not forget that they started out with several candidates whom they could have chosen and by the art of elimination, one by one rejected each until they came down to the four who they have now. Neither Ron Paul nor Rick Santorum really has a chance of winning the nomination; anyone who has kept up with the race knows that. There’s only other choice is Newt Gingrich and they know he has baggage that makes him not too much of a viable candidate against Obama.

I said from the beginning that their best choice would have been former Utah governor Jon Huntsman; a true conservative who would have been a great candidate to have when the general election rolls around. But no, he worked for Obama as an ambassador to China and with the uncompromising wing of the GOP, he was not an option; their loss. Makes me glad the GOP doesn’t listen to reason or to me.

What they have now in Mitt Romney is someone who completely represents in an open wide and exposed way, what Republicans are all about. He’s a rich guy who’s so far out of touch with ordinary American citizens.  He comes off as a big phony and changes his positions to whichever way the wind blows. I have total confidence that he’ll change many of his positions once he becomes the Republican nominee and enters the general election. Suddenly he’ll see things differently than he did just before entering the general election against the incumbent, Obama. This is the one trait of Mitt Romney you can count on; he’ll change the way he sees things depending on who he needs to convince to vote for him. There is no real ethical core to the man. Or in other words; he’s perfect to represent what the GOP is all about.

Sure, Republicans get completely out of sorts and uncomfortable with some of the things he says, such as, he’s not worried about the very poor, for instance. The reason why they’re uncomfortable about him saying that is not because it doesn’t speak for them but it is something they don’t talk about. They like to use the words “Compassionate Conservatism” because that says that though they’re unsupportive of programs that actually help people in need, they’re still compassionate; just in words though, not deeds.

Republicans have learned to use rhetoric to cover the way they actually feel because the way they feel about certain things is not how most Americans; even most Republicans voters feel about certain things.  Such as they say they care about the working class but their actions always say differently. They say they care about jobs but their actions say differently.

For example, Republicans came into power in the 2010 election on a platform of jobs but once in office, they’ve done anything but create jobs. They instead worked on anti-abortion legislation and to fight back deregulation legislation passed by the previous Democratic-controlled congress. Republicans has their talking points that they use to show them as being  a small-government, pro job, free market party but they’re actually just some rich guys who’re working for some even richer guys, pretending to work for average Americans. Yet most of the things they do, don’t serve average Americans.

Mitt Romney is the perfect example of who they are in reality, the only difference is; Mitt doesn’t hide it well, he’s a lousy actor and to be a good Republican politician, you need to be a good actor.

Right now, most Republicans, both politicians and voters are wishing they had a better choice than they do.  They’re trying hard to paint a rosy picture of their situation and trying to hold confident that their choice can stand the heat when it comes time to face off with Barack Obama but deep down, they know better. They’ve messed up big time and now they’re going to get what they deserve; a Republican candidate that shows them for who they really are; hypocritical, uncompassionate and self-serving to their own rich pocketbooks.  This election is the Democrats to have; thanks to the non-compromising, got to have it my way attitude Tea Party movement and thanks to the candidacy of Mitt Romney. Thanks GOP; we Democrats couldn’t ask for a better candidate.

4 Responses to Is the GOP Stuck with Mitt Romney?

  1. Heeey Fid,

    Ain’t it a kick?

    As you know; I don’t really believe it makes too much difference who gets elected. I am uncomfortable with anyone who got elected in this political system.

    I do however keep half an eye out for the more interesting statements glorious proclamations of the odd birds running this year.

    You got this one right. I have been wanting to write an article comparing the “Qualifications” of the various Republican Clowns they have Paraded by for our unending entertainment but time and personal ………….issues have kept me from it as yet.

    Could it be that the Republican Party has cut it’s own throat by trying to be too clever?

    By George; I think it could.

    Hey; great work. I’ll post soon. Sorry but my life lately has been a real storm.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      I understand life being a storm. I suppose that’s what makes us strong.

      I had a post for yesterday and spent an hour on it and then my power went out for about an hour. I was just proofreading it when poof; out went my electricity. I’m not one for curse words but I threw out a few right then.

      Yes, it’s been pure entertainment for everyone, watching this Republican race to be the nominee to run against Obama. We’re also so glad that Newt has decided to stay in it for the long haul. Even though he says he’s staying in until the convention but I kind of think if he does lousy come Super Tuesday that he’ll drop out then. But then, he may not do too bad as many conservatives don’t like Romney, but Newt isn’t well liked either. They’ll have to live with one or the other.

      Obama is already about 7 points ahead of Romney in national polls and moving up. He’s already a lot more ahead of Newt than even that. They neither stand a chance unless things go really sour and I don’t see that happening. The unemployment rate is slipping down and people are realizing that Obama deserves a second term. I think we should give it to him too; don’t ya think?

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