With All the Evil in This World, Good Will Always Overcome

Many times throughout my life I have seen and heard of terrible things happening to good people. I remember from the time I was about nine years old I heard about John F. Kennedy being shot. It didn’t affect me too harshly at the time as I was so young but it was the first time that I understood that there were evil people in the world.

Since that time many bad things have happened. I grew up in Oklahoma City and now live here. Though at the time I didn’t live here, I well remember the day Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah building. I was living in Los Angeles at the time but I was home that day and listened to the news all day long. I also cried for a very long time as I watched the rescue effort by police and fireman, especially a certain fireman carrying a small child from the debris and it looked as though his heart was breaking inside.

Of course since that day, September 11, 2001 came and even a more horrible tragedy with so many more lives taken by a group of evil men.

My heart has been broken so many times from hearing about the terrible things that some people do in the name of a cause or a religion or for whatever reason. The very idea that someone would use God as a reason to harm another sometimes just goes beyond my comprehension, as I’m sure it does many of us. I’ve always believed that God represents all that is good and for someone to pervert their perception of God for their own evil purpose just chills me to the bone.

When I read the paper, which I do five days a week, there are always many articles about the evil someone has committed or is committing. Evil people commit evil acts for different reasons; sometimes it’s because of some perceived cause or because of some greedy purpose, or because of some sick desire they have.

I sometimes have cried and felt so helpless in this world when faced with so much evil that I’ve quietly asked God to just take me out of this evil world, as I just don’t feel like I belong. How can people do so much harm to others I think to myself, taking lives, sometimes so cruelly?

But we must remember that the evil that men do always gets more attention than the all the good things going on in this world, and the good things that good people do.  Every second in time there is something happening were someone is doing something good for someone, usually without much notice, except maybe from the person they’re doing it for, if even that.

There are missionaries all around the globe going into poverty-stricken areas to help those who’re hungry and sick with disease, sometimes at risk for their own lives. There’s someone writing a check or committing their credit cards to give something to a needy charity somewhere in this world all the time. There’s someone visiting a bedridden senior citizen whose all alone, every day of the year.

There are cops and firefighters going beyond the call of duty to save a citizen that they don’t even know. There are citizens putting their own lives in danger to save a total stranger.

I remember the story of a man named Wesley Autrey who saw another man fall on subway tracks with a seizure, just as a train was pulling into the station and without much thought, jumped down and pushed the man in between the rails and covered him with his own body, all this while his two daughters watched and could have seen him die a horrible death. Fortunately he was able to save the man without harm to himself and he became a hero just as brave as the bravest soldier. I wondered if I would have such bravery at such a moment for a total stranger, as I’m sure many of us did when we read that story.

There is so much good in this world and just because the news media likes sensationalism much more than the thousands of wonderful and generous and selfless things people do every single day, doesn’t mean those kind of things aren’t going on all the time.

I also remember when a sick and tormented man walked into an Amish school-house and shot and killed ten little girls before also killing himself, but I also remember how the Amish friends and families of that Amish community that those little girls belonged to attended the funeral of the man who killed them and had nothing but forgiveness for the killer of those precious little girls. I remember thinking at the time “This is real Christianity in its purest form”.  I do know that it was a fine example of the good in this world and how the good will always overcome and outweigh the evil in this world.

So next time you hear about terrible and evil things happening in this world, just remember that there is also much more good things happening and good people doing good things.  Good people and the good things they do will always outweigh and overcome all the evil that evil men do. For that reason, life is still worth living.

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  1. avatar valrfederoff says:

    Good post and good topic or I would have nothing to say. I do not believe there are evil people, but only people who do evil things, some things unimaginably horrible. Sadly, the evil we know about is the tip of the iceberg. I am, with a small group studying the later prophets of the Old Testament. Repeatedly the prophets told the people God does not desire outward ritualistic following of His law, but to truly love God, end oppression, care for the needy. To this day we still don’t listen and have invented ever more despicable ways to oppress others and turn the truth around to convince others that our possessions are a gift from God we earned to keep for ourselves.
    Fortunately, every day heroes are also the tip of the iceberg.

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