The Republican Party: the Party of God and Money

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” Matthew 6:24

The two major groups that make up the Republican Party are fiscal conservatives and social conservatives. Some of these two groups belong to both groups and are both fiscally and socially conservative. They probably would consider themselves “real conservatives” as they completely accept the Republican Party’s entire platform.

These are the basic platforms of the Republican Party; they’re for small government and low taxes. They’re against government spending, even for programs that help the neediest among us; they’re against abortion and gay marriage; they’re for gun rights and they’re against affirmative action. Along with this, many of them don’t believe that global warming is a threat and they’re against regulations when it comes to industrial pollutions and regulations on banks and financial institutions. These are the things they fight and stand for.

Democrats on the other hand are for social justice, they stand for equality for everyone and they believe in protecting the environment.  When Democrats or liberals stand up for these things they’re called Socialist.  Anyone who would want to raise taxes on the wealthy and provide needed programs to see that everyone has health care and no one goes hungry, is called a socialist.

Recently, during the Republican presidential debates, there have been a handful of times that the audience at these debates; which are mostly Republicans, have either jeered or cheered over comments made by the candidates or questions posed by the debate moderators. I believe that these reactions from the crowd at those debates are very telling of what Republicans are all about, or at least what they have become.

One of those debates was when Ron Paul was asked a hypothetical question “What do you tell a guy who is sick, goes into a coma and doesn’t have health insurance? Who pays for his coverage? Are you saying society should just let him die?” which was question posed by Wolfe Blitzer of CNN. Several members of the audience yelled “Yeah” in response to this question.

At another debate, Rick Santorum was faced with a question from a YouTube clip posed by the moderator, which was from a gay soldier. Several audience members booed the service member because he was gay. I suppose it didn’t matter that this soldier was willing to go and fight and even die for their freedom, even when he had to hide the fact of who he was and pretend to be something that he wasn’t, until the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

At an even more recent debate in South Carolina, moderator Juan Williams asked Newt Gingrich a question concerning his recent comments suggesting poor children should work as janitors in their schools and remarks he made about President Obama being a “Food Stamp President” Juan asked him “Do you see how these remarks might offend people?”

Audience members reacted to Juan Williams question with a standing ovation for Newt Gingrich, applauding him for his past remarks.

This is a quandary with Republicans; how can you proclaim Christianity and at the same time, go against the very principles that Christianity is based on? Does Christian Republicans actually believe that Jesus would stand up for the wealth of billionaires?

I also wonder what is it about providing programs that take care of people when they’ve lost their jobs and are down on their luck, had to do with socialism. There was a time that it was called charity but it seems there are all kinds of new words that allow someone to excuse themselves from having any compassion. It’s also easy to want to believe that churches take care of all these programs and even though churches help out, they don’t even touch the surface of the depth of this problem, especially now with so many out of work. This is also why there are more food stamps being given out, not because the current president has done anything to cause it but because programs that help people when they reach a certain level of poverty kick in.

Back in 2008, the country went into a deep recession, due to several factors but the most prevalent was a housing market crash. Two huge tax cuts that benefitted the wealthy didn’t help, and then tack on two wars that weren’t paid for and a prescription drug program for seniors that also weren’t paid for.

Suddenly, Republicans forgot all those eight years and placed the blame on the new incoming president. It’s as though his very presence; a black man in the White House, posed a threat to white America and the next thing you know, some lady is screaming and crying “I want my country back!” and a movement called the Tea Party began attending town hall meetings across the country, screaming at the speakers and overwhelming the meetings so that no one else could say anything. Rallies went on with signs showing our president as Hitler and accusing him of socialism and communism, just because he and a Democratic-controlled congress worked to pass a health care bill to take care of a major problem that left almost 50 million people without health care.

Something has happened to our country and it isn’t the black man in the White House and it isn’t because a health care bill got passed in Congress; it’s because of hate and that hate is coming from Republicans. This isn’t Christianity, it is bigotry, fear and greed all mixed up into one explosive batter and it’s going to explode.

I don’t believe that Republicans will succeed with the current field of candidates to defeat Barack Obama. I might be wrong but unless things go really sour before November, they really don’t have a candidate who can beat him. I also believe if they don’t win, instead of taking their losses and realizing they need some changes within the party, I believe that some of them will grow even bitterer than they already are and they’ll strike out with an angry force.

Why? Because many of them aren’t interested in democracy, they want it their way and that’s the only way they’ll be satisfied. They’re party is growing smaller, the further they go to the right.  And instead of moving toward the middle, there are those who feel they’re so right that it doesn’t matter what the majority of Americans want and they’ll take it up with their Second Amendment rights (as they call it)  if they have to. Unfortunately, the rest of us will pay the price and “The Party of God and Money” will take its revenge and hate out on us all.

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  1. So true. Such a connundrum isn’t it. or not I guess. The contradictions will make your head spin.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      The Republican Party has become a contradiction unto themselves, since they’re in such desperate need to hold on or to attract anyone to keep their party from fading into the sunset.

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