Why Should We Reelect Barack Obama?

McConnell meeting with President Barack Obama.

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I have made it no secret through my blogs that I’m a big supporter of President Barack Obama. I’m of course a Democrat and I would suppose you could call me a loyalist. I even become more of a loyalist to the Democratic Party the more I watch as Republicans try their best to defeat our current president, and because they do that at the detriment of the country.  I’m always reminded of what Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) said:

The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

No, not to create more jobs for unemployed Americans, not to get the country’s economy back on track, just defeat President Obama; this all coming from “The Country First” party.

Still, we should not reelect Barack Obama just to keep Mitch McConnell from achieving his number one goal, no more than Mitch McConnell should be making his number one goal, to defeat Barack Obama.  We should reelect him because he’s proven to us over the course of his first term in office that he deserves a second term.  I also believe that if given another chance, along with given a congress that isn’t set out to defeat him at every single turn, that he will bring down the unemployment rate to an acceptable level again, and turn this economy around.

Now you might ask “Why didn’t he do these things in his first term?  I would say “Give the guy a break!”  After only two years in office, he was handed a congress that refused to budge on anything that came from his administration, even on things they once supported, like the health care insurance mandate for instance, which by the way was supported by the current frontrunner of the candidates running for the Republican nomination, Newt Gingrich  when he was the speaker of the house during the Clinton years.

There is also the argument that Obama had a chance his first two years when he did have a Democrat controlled congress, so why not then? I also know that two years is not enough time to turn around what took eight years in the making, after George W. Bush and company dragged us through the mud with huge tax cuts for the super-rich and two wars; the second one unjustified and neither of them paid for. Then pile on that; a prescription drug program for Medicare recipients that also wasn’t paid for.  I will also take this opportunity to point out that Republican lawmakers now want everything paid for.

This president has also faced some of the worse personal attacks from the extreme elements of the Republican Party, or should I say; the Tea Party, than any president has faced. It’s my opinion he has dealt with these attacks because he’s a black man with a Middle-Eastern name, not in anything he has done. What he has done in office is not too far off to what any Democrat president would do as far as signing into law a stimulus package to keep the country from falling much deeper into a recession than it actually did, and passing a health care law that, though not perfect, is much better than what we’ve had over the course of the last century.

Did he make mistakes? Certainly, as all men who are human do, but the only really big mistake he made I believe was extending the same previous administration’s tax cuts that helped get us into the mess in the first place. Then of course, the Republicans paid him back for compromising with them, by opposing him every step he has made.

I will always wonder what would have happened if the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party hadn’t dominated the midterm elections in 2010 and instead of Democrats losing the House of Representatives and losing seats in the Senate, they gained seats in each chamber and Obama had a chance to do what he really wanted to do with this country.  We’ll never know for sure unfortunately.

Then there are his foreign policy successes; he didn’t just make the claim he’d get Osama bin Laden, he got him, along with many of his top henchmen. He also made the right choice by not putting troops on the ground in Libya, this at the opposition of some on the right who would have preferred we either put troops down, or not get involved at all; they just couldn’t make up their minds. He’s also brought an end to the Iraq war; just yesterday the last military convoy moved out.

I have heard Republicans make the claim that he didn’t keep many of his campaign promises, but I beg to differ; I believe in comparison to presidents past, that he’s done much better than most at keeping his promises. We should also not forget that he made many of those promises before the Bush Administration let us know that many banks were going belly up if we didn’t hand them a huge amount of our tax dollars.

Still, President Obama went in with his head held high and set about doing what he could to get us on track, all the while those on the right were attacking him unfairly by saying he wasn’t born in this country and that he was a secret Muslim; all lies that have fallen flat. He was accused of lying, which to this day, I don’t know what they think the lie was or is.

Yes, I believe in my heart that Barack Obama deserves a second term, especially considering the makeup of the candidates that would replace him from the right. But unlike the Republican field of candidates, which seems to turn on who is most  not like Obama, it’s not who Obama is not like, it’s who he is.

Who he is to me is this; a man who has stood tall against unfair and untrue attacks on his character;  a president who has shown us an unshakable resolve to finish what he started and an unwavering focus on the job ahead. To me there is no better man, right or left that can do as great a job as Barack Obama if given the right tools, which are a willing Congress and a nation behind him.  To me, that’s certainly good reason to give this man four more years to complete the job he began when he first stepped into the White House. Hopefully the rest of America will agree with me come election 2012.

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  1. Hi Fid,

    I am not hesitant to say that I agree with Mitch McConnell. Obama has to be a one-termer. Government does not create wealth. – Individuals do. The Stalinists, Maoists, Europeans, Koreans, Chinese, Cubans, most of Africa, South America, all tried big government and it was a hopeless failure, every single time. Many European countries tried the big government solution again and again and it never, ever works. China came out of communism and look what a wonderful example it is of free enterprise.
    Liberals always say, “Well, they didn’t do it right!” of big government failings.
    There is no right when it comes to big government. Only individuals can make an economy boom, and history proves it, – Reagan, – Tatcher – Australia – India – China. It can’t happen until Obama is voted out, and that’s what McConnell means. I also challenge you to center your rebuttal around current politics and not blame George W. Bush every single time, which seems to be the only liberal play. It indicates an unwillingness to seek solutions.

    Can we really blame Obama?

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      The funny thing is; neither has capitalism. All the money is flowing to the top and the middle class is disappearing. So what you think is that we should just keep going down this same old road and before you know it, we’re just a bunch of worker bees spending the rest of our lives helping to create wealth for the wealthiest. What will work if given a fair chance is a balance system that includes both capitalist and socialist aspects.

      Obama isn’t the problem, it’s the greed from a few very wealthy men who want to control all the wealth. What you’re doing is helping them do that. Do you really think if you allow all the wealth to continue to flow to the top that everything is going to be wonderful and we’re all going to be somehow prosperous? Stop blaming Obama and figure it out James.

    • avatar valrfederoff says:

      Here is my mantra: trickle down economics is a farce. The money does not funnel to us and people who work hard for it. The wealthy do whatever they can to greedily keep buying congress and keep throwing breadcrums at the surfs. If government of the countries failed so miserably, there would be no one left to govern. It is community that creates wealth and the perks and responsibilities that go with it. Now that the wealthy have ailenated the rest of the community, the community will take back the power and wealth by working together.

      • avatar fidlerten says:

        I think it took long enough but Americans are finally waking up to the fact that Reaganomics hasn’t benefited anyone but the wealthy. It should have been rightfully called “Trickle-up Economics” because that’s exactly what it has been. Wealth has trickled upward and left the rest of us without.

        They’re trying to use the same old tricks by directing blame at the government and unions and those who work for unions. As far as I’m concerned, there should be a union for everyone. Now of course, unions need to be regulated as they too could become too powerful and we should always make sure that business can prosper, but that isn’t by starving the rest of us.

        A good business man like William Buffett knows that for our economy to prosper and be in good health, everyone who works hard for a living needs to enjoy a certain level of prosperity, not just work until they fall over dead in the grave with nothing to show for it. We don’t want everything, we just want our fair share; that’s all.

        I think there is a revolution going on in the world, not just America but all over. People in Muslim countries who have lived under oppression and hasn’t seen any prosperity for the average person, are finally standing up and letting the powers that be, know their days of greed are over with. It’s going to be a turbulent time and violence is sure to follow.

        As far as this country goes, I don’t think we need to turn to violence but we’re going to have to get much more forceful with our voices by storming Congress and state houses and let those in charge know that we no longer will stand by and let them enrich the rich and leave the rest of us out.

  2. I am not focusing my point on Obama. Every time a leader of a country does big government, it fails entirely. I understand your hesitation to condone the concept of having a few very wealthy people. But, nobody I know has worked for someone with no money. My dad worked a decade in the food processing industry, in waste filtration science. He didn’t work for someone with no money. My brother works for Ingersoll Rand, selling power-tools. He is employed by people with money.

    Why do you insist that people getting money is so bad? – Because that money employs families. I think you just like the idea of punishing the wealthy, – When they are responsible for the companies that provide our standard of living, our comforts, our interests and a good lifestyle.
    How else could the 1980’s have been so exceptional for the country, if not for these exact policies that Reagan enacted for us.

    Stop worshipping Obama and see that he is ruining the USA. – Go Figure it out, Larry


    • avatar fidlerten says:

      I only worship one God and it isn’t Obama; you’d know that if you read enough of my articles. I do like Obama and he definitely is better than that jerk George W.

      Another misconception you have is that liberals are against wealth. There you’re completely wrong again. In fact, many people are rich and many are wonderful employers. What we do have a problem with is rich people who want to pay small wages and give no benefits to their employees, thereby lowering their living standards. There are certain rich people; not all, who are trying to kill minimum wage and kill off unions. This does not reflect even the majority of the wealthy.

      There’s nothing wrong with wealth; I’d certainly like to be wealthy myself, so I’m sure not against becoming a millionaire. What you seem to fail to see is that if the middle-class has no money, then the economy will not work. No one will have money to buy the things that corporations make. This is the reason why our economy is in such bad shape; not because corporations don’t have enough money, but because there’s not enough money in the hands of the people who buy the most; the working middle-class.

      The reason why the working middle-class doesn’t have money is not because of Barack Obama’s policies but because of the Republicans policy of protecting the wealth of the rich, even when many of those rich want to be taxed more. William Buffett is a very smart man who knows that our economy is doing well when the middle-class is doing well. That’s why he, with many more wealthy people, are asking our government to raise their taxes. But, you have guys like the Koch brothers of Koch Industries who are using their money to influence government to keep their taxes very low and are trying to destroy the middle-class in every which way. Why? so that they can accumulate more wealth; their billions are just not enough.

      So James, get off of the bandwagon of the few and start supporting programs that support the average working man, that is unless you’re one of those rich guys. But if you were, you probably wouldn’t be on here, debating me about them. Don’t protect their wealth, they don’t need more money; they’ve been sitting on 2 trillion bucks for a long time now, but the middle-class does.

      I mean “Vickus”. LOL!!!

    • avatar valrfederoff says:

      While I agree that we all work to get something in return, (Don’t forget many of us volunteer our time to help others.) I disagree that the wealthiest Americans employ many Americans and pay them enough to even cover basic needs. The wealthy 1% ship jobs and business addresses overseas to exploit workers there and avoid paying the few taxes they are legally obligated to pay. It is we who hire each other. We are forced to work together figure out ways to trade services and goods for other services and goods because the American economic system is broken. Currently American capitalism is working only for those with more than one house, a yacht, an island, a private education, polititians that do their bidding, and money that makes more money. To make money on their money the wealthiest Americans have attempted to consider us surfs. deny us a decent wage, decent working conditions, health care/SSDI, and rights guaranteed by the constitution. They have controlled the media. Continuing tax breaks on the wealthy will not create more and better jobs. It will continue to be more money to make more money and buy political influence so they can exploit more workers and refuse accountability and responsibility when product materials are inferrior or workers get hurt. After all, we’re expendable according to the Republicane and the wealthy. Speaking of relatives who worked for other people, my grandmother and her sister worked in a sweatshop in Pittsburgh. The sweatshop’s doors were locked. When the sweatshop caught fire, her sister was trapped, couldnt get out, didn’t make it.

      What I hope in my heart for the 2012 elections is that none of the Republicans win. Obama got some rubber on those sneakers and finally stood his ground in December not giving in to what was wrong for the American people who cannot buy votes or influence Congress. That won some points with me and I hope he keeps it up. However, I hope to see some altrnative progressive candidates who will serve the poor and who does not let the wealthy influedce his decisions.

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