A World Without Hunger

There were 925 million people who suffered from hunger in the year 2010. Yet there is enough food to feed everyone, mostly because of our oceans.  Though, there is plenty land to grow enough crops to see that not one single person go without food in this world.

As we all know, protests have broken out all around the world, first in the Middle East and in Africa this past spring. These protests are directly related to the dissatisfaction of a large portion of the populations of those countries. The protest began in Egypt and spread to neighboring countries.  Of course, we in the West see this as a good thing, though we are weary of it as we still don’t know who’s going to end up controlling those countries.

Many of these countries and their neighbors suffer from severe hunger and poverty. These uprisings are the result of media, including social media, and a more knowledgeable generation growing into adulthood in these countries. They know what Western societies enjoy and the freedoms they enjoy.  You might say they decided that they were fed up with the current and ongoing dictatorships calling all the shots.  Maybe they wanted a taste of democracy and to find what it would be like to rule their own countries by democratic vote.

The ruler, or so-called president of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi has been killed and yet another country has fallen to its people. It leads me to wonder how many more countries will end up falling and how will this affect the world?  Is this the beginning of the end of dictatorships?

Of course, other parts of the world have not been affected by the protest yet and may never be. Is it a sign of a changing world? A lot of this change has to do with the introduction and popularity of social media. Social media sites are very powerful tools.  People with a common interest can set plans into motion.

I do know that we, the human race, will never know peace as long as hunger exists.  As long as we cannot take care of our own species enough to see everyone is fed and no one dies of hunger, ever, then we will see no peace. These protest I hope sets us on the right direction but it will be a long road.

I dream of a world without hunger, a world that is free of dictators controlling the people of any country. I dream of a democratic world but better than the one I live in where hunger is still felt by a large margin of our people, the American people.

In 2010, 14.5 percent of households suffered from hunger including our children.   I say “our” children because it is our responsibility as a country to see that all of our young are fed and properly cared for.  It doesn’t matter if we do it through our federal government, state, or local as long as the job is done well.

For the most part, children who are wards of the state, maybe some are receiving the care they need but many don’t. There are many needy families in almost every community across this country that are hurting desperately and their children sometimes have to go to bed hungry.

And, as far as taking care of the hungry through private donations, our food banks for the needy in this country are having a difficult time. There is a strain on millions of people in this country financially and many, who haven’t already, live in fear of losing their jobs if again our economy takes another dip.

I dream of a world without hunger, and a world at peace. I want to know if democracy were to finally spread all over the world, would everyone then get fed?  My answer would be “no” as here I live in supposedly the very foremost democratic nation and yet I see hunger around me.  So I must conclude that even with democracy, people will still suffer.

There is nothing wrong with democracy; it is what keeps us a free country. It is “capitalism unchecked” that causes all the problems when it comes to why millions are out of work while billionaires enjoy the biggest windfall of profits they’ve ever seen. What I see is “billionaires” joining world dictators on the list of targets for new protests, such as the “Occupy Wall Street” group and all of its followers spreading out across this country and around the world even.  I see this protest growing strong and I see a beginning of a world revolution.

I dream of a world without hunger and a world of peace. We could obtain this dream, if we could finally break down all the barriers that have stood in the way of making that happen.  It would be a world that every hungry person, every hungry child is fed. Though it may be tyranny, greed or even just an unfortunate crisis that tries to stand in the way, I believe we have the power to overcome it.   We have the power to become a better nation than what we are being led to believe. We CAN feed everyone, with the help of all our neighbors and allies, throughout the world. We CAN stamp out hunger and we CAN become a better people for it.

Democracy is a wonderful thing and I hope to see it become universal and replace every ruler or king with a democratically elected president. I also hope that we can find a way to keep Capitalism from running unchecked as it did before the 2008 Great Recession.

I don’t know the way this world will finally end up after all the protests die down, which I don’t think is going to be anytime soon.  I just hope that along with democracy, we will also see the end of hunger for the many that are so hungry.  In that we will become a better nation and hopefully a better world.

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  1. avatar Old Jules says:

    From a perspective of someone who’s looked at it from every direction I could think of I don’t think statements such as, “There is enough food for everyone,” can apply to the problem. We are capable of producing more human beings than the planet is capable of providing food for. If provisions were made to feed those alive today by some mechanism the process will make sure the population exceeds that enough to assure the next generation is numerous enough for some group of unfortunates to starve.

    Life is a hard pkace, harder for some than others. Human beings located in one geography aren’t going to sacrifice a lot to keep human beings somewhere else from starving, killing one another, living in ways to make their lives more difficult. The wheel does turn, however, and circumstance does move the difficulties and hardships, disease, famine, war, to other geographies, shifting affluence where life was once a nightmare.

    The sentiment you’ve expressed is a worthy one, but the likelihood of you’re hopes seeing fruition can only be judged in the light of human history, which doesn’t bode well for it happening.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      I see you’re a realist. I understand that and I too live in a real world. The blog was meant to be kind of a dream. I know in my heart that as long as man rules this planet, it will be a selfish place to live.
      You made some points but I disagree with you about the food. I believe we can produce a lot more food. Do we need to do something about the population booming? Perhaps. There is also lots of fishes in the sea and there’s even healthy veggies in the sea. Not the kind we’re use to eating but there is more food to be found and produced. Problem is, it’s costly and money makes the world go around, at least the world of Man.

      So yes, I know that I talk a dream when I talk about the end of world hunger and a world of peace instead. Not unless I speak spiritually about the Millennial reign, but that’s a different direction that I won’t go to. Still, I would prefer to add my voice to the fray calling for changes and hoping someone will hear even if I feel they won’t, than stand idle by and say that I am helpless. You and I both know that isn’t how things happen that change the situation.Though it is through laws or through changing people’s hearts or at least making them think about it, is worthy of it all. And, who knows, possibly some of them will go make a donation to a worthy charity to feed the hungry, and I will have served some purpose for speaking out to some degree. Would you agree?

  2. avatar Old Jules says:

    I can’t disagree fidlerten. Jules

  3. Hey Fid and Jules,

    I applaud your dream. I dream too or I would have to give up and give in.

    I think you are right unfortuately. As Fid said “as long as man rules this planet” but I think if there is a chance to make this world a little bit better on the way down, to ease some of the pain, feed as many of the hungry as we can, make life easier and better for as many of the common people as possible it is for us to speak up. Press for that Utopia we dream of so that maybe we will achieve something not as far short of it as we certainly are right now. I guess I mean it’s better to go down fighting.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      You’re absolutely right about going down fighting. What good is it to sit around talking about what we can’t do all the time and saying “no’ all the time and never even trying. I realize there’s a mountain standing in the way, but I believe that mountains can be removed.
      It angers me really that so many in this country sit around and whine about how much they pay in taxes because they’re so rich, while some child somewhere is laying down for the last time before they die of hunger, while some wealthy guy is crying out his tale of loss of fortune to yet another soul. I can’t stop him from spouting his mouth but maybe I can at least help keep so many of those kids from dying.

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