Republicans Priority: Anti-Abortion, Obama Priority: Jobs

If I remember, it was the Republican’s campaigned on jobs which swept them into power in the United States House of Representatives in November 2010. But it seems the only thing they’ve spent any time with since they’ve controlled that one branch of the U.S. Congress is trying to stop and defund abortion and defund organizations like Planned Parenthood that only provides a very small part of their service to abortions, but are one of this country’s largest provider of health services for women who otherwise wouldn’t have them.

President Barack Obama & U.S. House Speaker, John Boehner (R- OH)

President Barack Obama on the other hand is out trying to drum up support for his American Jobs Act bill.  This bill has gotten overwhelming support of the American people at 63 percent and growing.  Republicans just recently voted down the President’s bill, which quite well tells you what their priorities are, which definitely aren’t what the majority of American’s priorities are. 

What were the words that House Speaker John Boehner said through the media to Obama months ago; “Mr. President, where are the jobs?” Well Mr. Boehner, here are the jobs now where is your support? No, the House Speaker would rather be working on a piece of anti-abortion legislation than trying to create jobs.

Of course, the Republican’s jobs plan is very simple, tax cuts for corporations, capital gains tax cuts, which basically benefit the wealthy and personal tax cuts for the rich. Cutting taxes is the magical potion that fixes all economic woes as far as Republicans are concerned. They see this picture of us all being rich someday, and we’ll do that by helping those already rich to keep more of their money, because they’re the job creators and if they have more money, they’ll create some jobs.  I have no idea who is going to be doing all the jobs that need to get done, that is, if we’re all rich. surely not those illegal immigrants the Republicans are always going on about and want to get rid of, them and their little American kids too.

Of course it’s well known news that corporations are sitting on two trillion bucks but you see; they don’t quite feel confident enough to create jobs yet. No, not yet, they just don’t quite have enough money yet because they’re paying those terribly high taxes that Obama put on them.  President Obama hasn’t raised taxes on anyone, in fact he signed on to continue the Bush tax cuts. The truth is, taxes for everyone are lower than they have been since the 50s, under Obama’s watch. Big business has made record profits, under Obama’s watch. This is what conservatives don’t like talking about because it shines a bright light on Obama as being business-friendly, which he is, by the way.

Let me give you a rundown of what I believe has occurred in Washington concerning this president and the job that he has been doing, compared with the Republicans in Congress and the job they’ve been doing.  Ever since Obama stepped into that Oval office, the Republicans have had him in their crosshairs.  Of course, you expect a certain amount of rivalry between a Democratic president and Republicans in Congress who had just lost all their power to the Democrats and a new Democratic president; Obama, but this rivalry was different as far as I’m concerned.

I do believe President Obama moved to do what he felt was in the country’s best interest when he ordered Congress to send him a huge stimulus bill to sign.  I also felt he looked at the country as a whole and saw that it was our health care that was running up our bills and that was the thing he needed to find a big solution for.  That would be one of the solutions to help us get our financial house in order.  I believe he did this because it was what the country needed, not because he has some kind of hidden agenda to turn the country into some kind of socialist country. Even they talk about the campaign donations that Obama himself gets from Big Business. So yes, he serves their interest too, but fortunately, not only their interest as it seems the Republicans do.

There was a huge opportunity for the Republicans during the period that health care bill was being passed around and being changed in the Congress. They could have sat down and got serious about even writing a bill of their own to solve the health care crisis.  But the only bill they came up with would maybe insured 3 million more Americans, nowhere near where they would need to go to provide a viable bill up against the Democrat bill.  Instead they used their time to fight the bill, even with lies, such as the “Death Panels” that they used to scare seniors. They accused the Democrats of blocking them out but still, that didn’t stop them from creating their own bill that would have matched the Democrats bill as far as scope.

The disconnect here seems to be that the Republicans talk about one thing, like “Mr. President, Where are the jobs?” while they spend their days working on anti-abortion legislation.  They criticize the president at every turn about his liberal agenda and they don’t agree to anything his White House is involved in.

Obama is out right now, trying to do what he feels is best for Americans, get his jobs bill passed. If he can also use the opportunity to campaign, that is even better for him and us. He should run on the jobs bill and let America see who’s for jobs and who’s for wasting time on anti-abortion legislation while so many Americans are out of work.

We need Obama for a second term and we need a congress that will work with him. That of course doesn’t mean just agree with everything he agrees with and rubber stamp everything he wants passed.   That would be too much like what was going on between George W Bush and a Republican controlled Congress in both houses during the second Bush’s administration.

Congress is not there to just be a wall against everything the president tries to do either, but instead a challenger.  Challenge him and give him his due, no matter if he’s one party or the other. Eventually the American people want the Congress and the President to work it out.  You especially need to work it out when we so desperately need your leadership during a difficult time for this country.

President Obama, we need you to be strong and stand up for the middle class.  Speak loudly and clearly that you stand with us the “Occupy Wall Street”, “The Ninety-nine Percenters”.  It is no longer time for compromise but instead demand that Congress pass a comprehensive bill that will help turn this country’s unemployment numbers around. And, a bill that is not based on huge tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans, the seemingly Republican’s answer for everything.

We as a people have come to a crossroads in our country. There are those who would sweep us into a small government, “every man for his own self” kind of society.  Then there are those who would like to see this country moving again, with people working and making money and spending money, and hopefully planning better for the future.  It’s getting to look like the only way that’s going to happen is that we need to break the stranglehold that Corporate America has on our government and maybe a revolution, a civilized revolution is what we need.

A civilized and peaceful revolution maybe what this country needs right now, but we definitely don’t need a violent one. If enough people across this country stood up and let the Corporations and those who take their campaign contributions get the message loud and clear, that it’s time to listen to OUR needs and get us some help.  And, you can start with, signing President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act bill.

It seems that the only one who’s listening to the American people is President Obama; he’s the one with the Jobs Package. Republicans in Congress, and Mr. Speaker; Where ARE the jobs?

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