The Hunger of a Child Should Never Be.

There were approximately 925 million peoplewho suffered from hunger in 2010. That is almost three times the population of our country. Malnutrition is also the cause of half of the deaths of children in the world. Children who are malnourished tend to have a more difficult time fighting off disease and other immune deficiencies which contribute to their deaths.

Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

I have a great compassion for the children of this world that suffer from extreme hunger. I, of course, care deeply for every hungry child in the world, even in my own “Christian Nation” country. But I have a more urgent compassion for those who suffer from extreme hunger, such as what is happening in Somalia and in the rest of the horn of Africa.

I understand enough about foreign policy to know that much of this, as far as much of the hunger in the world, is because of repressive governments. As far as Somalia, there really isn’t a government but its run by warlords from different warring factions.  But I also believe there’s a much deeper reason why so many go hungry and that’s because of the greed in this world.

I understand that there are many charitable organizations that try and feed the hungry in this world, but they are obviously not succeeding.  When there are still children whose bellies grow swollen because of hunger, then they are not succeeding, though God bless their great efforts to feed the hungry and provide just the basics to so many. 

What does this hunger in the world mean for America at this time in our history? Poverty has risen, our economy has suffered a great deal and millions are still without work. We have political gridlock in our Congress and not much hope on the horizon.  It’s definitely not a time that many Americans are paying any attention the sufferings of others. I understand that, but seeing and at least acknowledging that there are those who are much worse off than we’ve ever been in our whole lives, should make us realize just how great we have it, no matter how tough our lives have been of late.  Our troubles would never compare to what those who live in that area of Africa, and what they go through just to live another day.

It also seems that there is a great force trying to push us toward a system of “Every Man/Woman for Him/Herself” and no longer are we to care about what’s happening in the lives of others, even to our own fellow man, let alone small helpless and hungry children in a foreign land.   We especially wouldn’t be “helping” anywhere that our oil industry or our military industry didn’t have a financial interest in, so the horn of Africa just isn’t on our agenda. This, to me, would be the downfall of our prosperity, not the protecting of prosperity, and especially not the raising of prosperity.

I believe that this country’s prosperity has been because of its great and compassionate generosity to the rest of the world. I also believe this is what has made us great, not our military might but the basic goodness of most Americans.  When the time comes that we decide, as a country, that we no longer are going to concern ourselves with hunger around the world or even hunger within our own country, our time of prosperity will also end.

Is there an answer to world hunger? I don’t know. Is there a way that every living child can eat and not go to bed hungry ever again? I certainly wish there was.  I do know that if many of us will simply look at our own children and just imagine being so very poor that you couldn’t put even a morsel of food into their mouth? There are parents who have to do this with their own children every day and watch as their little bodies waste away.  Parents who would be glad to give up their own lives just to see their children fed.

Let me address my own Christian brethren who share my beliefs in Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord for a moment concerning this topic.  It appalls me that so many people in this country who call themselves Christians, yet turn their backs on the hungry and the needy.  I’m not referring to all Christians; I do know that there are some true believers who obey God and give generously to the poor and support the causes of the needy. But I also believe that there’s a spirit of greed among us that seeks its own.

One Spiritual Law of our Christian beliefs is that of Prosperity. That law states this “Give and it will be given unto you; pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bosom.” Or another scripture from the Old Testament, “Bring your tithes and offering into the storehouse so that there might be meat, and prove me herewith says the Lord of Host, if I will not open up the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you will not be able to receive.

I’ve heard many of my Christian brethren make the claim this is a Christian nation. When I hear the statement, I think about what a real Christian nation would look like, at least in my own spiritual eyes. I’d see a country of compassion; no one would be without. Great things would happen because we would be a believing nation that followed the teachings of Jesus when it came to laying our hands on the sick and they recovering.  And most importantly, we’d walk in the Love that Jesus taught us to walk in and we would see the world through his eyes, not our own. The eyes that looked out and saw a multitude that was hungry and he fed them, with the gospel and with fishes and loaves of bread. When we are able to do these things, then we can proudly claim that we are a Christian nation.

I realize that even as a nation, we could not end world hunger, though I think we can make a great deal of difference. No matter how tough it is for many of us here in this country, we are still all living like kings compared to the living conditions that many around the world deal with throughout their short lives. If we can just turn our eyes off of ourselves for a moment and see clearly the very severe hunger that so many are suffering through in places we dare not go to, I’m sure that we as a nation can even do even more to see that everyone has food and that no one goes without that basic necessity.

Let us look into our hearts, and instead of seeing only our own needs, see the needs of others much needier than we are. What we will discover is that our needs become very miniscule compared to the needs of those in extreme hunger and those who will die because of that hunger.

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