Turning Point for America

I have always written with my Spiritual beliefs at the forefront of all that I give voice to.  Still, I would like to dream a little dream and walk down a different path than what I see before me.  I’d also like to voice that dream compared to what I believe to be the reality.

We stand at a threshold in this world and we have a choice; it has always been there for us to decide.  We can choose to move forward with our disagreements and our “lines in the sand”, or we can decide to compromise and find solutions.  Are we to always allow our differences to divide us?  Will we allow distrust and hate keep us from doing what is right for America, though not necessarily what is right for our Party?  How can we fix what is obviously broken and move forward in a way that will put America back on track as the greatest country on Earth?  Do I believe we can do it?  Yes.  Do I believe we will do it?  No.  But still, it’s alright to dream a little dream.

I’d like to see a strong America again, but not because of its military might as much as I’d like to see this country respected throughout the world again.  We lost that respect during the Bush Administration and while we started getting it back during Obama’s Administration, there is still a lot of distrust out there from a lot of decent, good people.  We will gain that trust back by continuing to treat everyone with the same respect we wish to have shown to us – the Golden Rule.

I’d like to see manufacturing come back to America.  This country has become nothing but a big bank, offering all kinds of financial products, but yet we can’t even pay our own bills.  President Obama was right to bail out the auto industry so that it would save manufacturing jobs and all the jobs connected to the auto industry, such as the parts industry and all the dealerships across this land.   It paid off too, as most of the money from that bailout has been paid back.

I’d like to see serious reform of our government.  The most important place to reform government is with those who run it and make decisions for it, our elected leaders.  What I believe is the only way that we will have decent people doing a decent job, is by completely taking money out of the campaign process.  We need to find a way that worthy candidates can have their campaigns funded by a public fund and we need to make private donations illegal.  Money should have no part in deciding what is best for the country.

I’d like to see a country that takes care of its own.  We do that by having social programs, or socialist programs, if some would prefer to call them that.  I believe strongly that if we can have a government that can wage war on its enemies at any cost, then surely we can also take care of those who are the most vulnerable in our society, our children, our disabled and our elderly.

As far as young, able-bodied people, I believe we need to establish work programs that benefit the community by clean ups and other community-based jobs, something that pays enough of a wage that will meet the basic needs of those without work in the private sector.  We could make America beautiful again by a complete makeover provided by our unemployed who have no benefits left and the jobless rates will go down.

Health care is a human right, and it should also be an American right.  Some say it is now, but is a health care system that will address someone’s needs only when it’s an emergency really sufficiently providing health care for all?  Serious illnesses go untreated until they can no longer be ignored and thrust someone into a health care system that is based on money.  The only way to provide a decent health care system for everyone is with a one-payer system.  It would be paid for through taxes. Yes, that old dirty word: taxes.  Which I’d like to point out, we could pay for nothing without them. These taxes would be like all the other things we pay for through our payroll deductions.

Now remember, I believe in a system that puts every able-bodied person to work doing something.  We need to see that all of these people are also healthy enough to continue working or else the disabled number will grow.  If not, we’ll be taking care of their needs anyway, but they’ll be doing nothing to earn it.  So it’s good for our economy if everyone is healthy as can be.

We need a good education system and we need to stop cutting in on the budget to educate our young as they are our only future.  For some reason, some of us feel that we should cut education before raising the taxes on the wealthy.  This is a destructive practice because a country full of uneducated people is a country that will fall into poverty against the many countries that are ahead of them in education.

We need a decent retirement system that guarantees everyone a decent life when they grow old.  We can’t have a system that would leave elderly people to fend for themselves simply because we think it’s their fault for not saving enough or for not having a decent enough job to give them a decent retirement plan.  That kind of thinking is for self-centered and uncaring people and doesn’t, to me, give a good description of the average American out there who cares about the elderly.  No matter what kind of life brought them to that age, they got there and they need to be looked after.

We also need to learn to live within our means as individuals, families and as a country, so our government needs to stop borrowing money and pay off all of its debts.  The same goes with all of us. Sure, we go in debt for a home or a car, but not for that new stereo system or that vacation that we’ve always wanted to take. We need to set our priorities straight.

Yes, we need to support our business community with incentives, but we must always put limits on how much influence any one individual or group of individuals has over our government because of wealth.  I believe I already addressed this issue with my earlier statement concerning campaign financing.  But we must also remember that wealth can affect media so it’s important that we protect not only the government, but also the media from being controlled by special interests.

Lastly, I believe that no one has the right to hoard wealth up into the billions.  I believe that if someone is able to amass billions of dollars, then they have done so by not sharing their profits enough with those who helped make them rich, their workers, their employees, right down to the janitor sweeping the floor. Everyone who is under that individual has obviously not been shared enough with by good pay and good benefits.

To me, taxes are simply an equalizer.  Otherwise, the system is fixed in a way that only a few will prosper while everyone else struggles.  Call it what you want, but that’s what leads to a class war.  That is what we are in now more than anything else.  We will continue to stay in this class war until we stand up and take our country back from the wealthy.  We do that by voting out those who serve the interest of the wealthiest.  Let’s not get delusional about who serves the rich and no; it isn’t limited to one party, though one party seems to have made it their platform to protect the wealth of those few who are not even a drop in the hat of the population of the American people.

Yes, we can turn this country around be great again, but only if we work together to make it happen.  All of the fighting amongst ourselves produces nothing but downgrades on our credit rating and hurts us all.  Holding our government and our economy hostage because some of us feel that we need to take a stand is not the way of a civilized nation but one of a nation caught up in turmoil where only the strongest survive.

Can this country turnaround and become a great country again?  I, of course, don’t believe it will happen, but then again it’s always nice to dream.

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