The Meaning Of Freedom To Some

Here in this country many of us have different ideas about what freedom means.   A lot of our differences has to do with our ideology.  There are still certain ideas of freedom that we all share as Americans and as a free people.  All of us believe in the freedom to pursue happiness, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

We all love the freedom to choose what we wish to do with our lives as far as education and career choices, as well as choose the one we wish to marry and spend the rest of our lives with.  Of course the latter, though a freedom we all want for ourselves, we don’t  all want the same for all Americans.  Some of us feel that only certain people can be together when it comes to marriage and only certain people should have that right.

We also all believe that we should be able to choose what happens to our own bodies.  This freedom is also one that is desired by all but there are also  some who believe that others shouldn’t have that right.

We also all love freedom of religion, but still;  there are those of us who even though we love it for ourselves, we don’t think everyone should have that right.

Even if freedom is viewed differently by different people, all Americans should be able to enjoy the same freedom.   For someone to feel that others shouldn’t enjoy the same freedoms as themselves,  seems rather selfish and self-centered.  Unfortunately, this is the opinion of a great number of conservatives.   But lets not be unfair; surely there are some fairly good reasons that conservatives feel that certain others shouldn’t enjoy the same freedom.

Let’s start with “The freedom to marry the one you love”.   This of course has to do with the idea that it is right for a man and a woman to be together;  it’s what God intended.   First,  even though I’m sure God intended for man and woman to be together so that there would be procreation and we would continue to multiply;  it wouldn’t hurt if we slowed that down some but I do understand it’s importance.

But,  I also don’t think God intended that certain people who are born different from everyone else, be treated differently by everyone else as far as their rights.  I’m not only referring to a gay person but also another kind of person; maybe someone who is physically handicapped, or let me mention this word “hermaphrodite“? For those of you who are not familiar with the term a hermaphrodite is:

  1. An animal or plant exhibiting hermaphroditism.
  2. Something that is a combination of disparate or contradictory elements.

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A human hermaphrodite is considered someone who was born with both sex organ;  thus making them both male and female.  Of course, this is much more rare than someone being gay, but there are some similarities between the two.   The one similarities between the two is that they are stuck in a predicament; and that is, they can not marry the one they love without crossing over the line for conservatives.
Now conservatives say that homosexuals choose to be the way they are;  kind of like one day someone says to themselves;  I think I’ll be gay, and suddenly they’re feeling attracted to their same-sex.  Since I happen to be one of those gays, I’d like to ask one question of conservatives;  did they too choose to be heterosexual; or was that different and they just naturally fell into it?   If the answer is;  they naturally fell into it, then what makes them think it’s any different for gays?
I think the most important thing here is that this deals with another freedom that we all believe in; freedom of religion.  My question would be;  why are you thrusting your religion upon me?  Or do you also think that this is a right that you should enjoy but not others?
So lets talk about “Freedom of religion“.   We all know that the Christianity is the largest practiced religion here in the America.  Also that Christian religion is divided by several different sects or as we call them; denominations.  I call them divisions of the believer;  but that’s another blog on another blog site.
Other faiths are practiced in America too and most of them are at least tolerated by the conservatives, but not all.   The Muslim faith is practiced here but there are those who try to stop it.   They feel that the Muslim faith promotes violence and hate.  What they refuse to see is that so does the Christian faith;  or at least an extreme version of it, the same as there is extremist in the Muslim faith.
I’m of the Christian faith but one of the most important aspect of my faith is that I chose to have it;  it wasn’t forced upon me.  My freedom to practice it is a very important freedom that I take very seriously.   I’m also sure that many of my conservative friends out there feel the same when it comes to their faith.   What those conservatives always seem to fail to understand is  the fact that Muslims feel the same way about their faith.  Think about it;  how would you like a certain group of people go out of their way to stop you from worshiping your God in the way you choose to worship him?
Then there are our bodies;  they belong to us.  All you have to do is think of yourself, which is something that I know many of you find easy to do.  Think of your own body;  what if the government told you that you would need to be sterilized; cut off from being able to have children;  how would that make you feel?  Of course we’re talking about Abortion here.   I too hate Abortion;  I think it’s a terrible thing for a woman to do.   The difference I have is that,  though I find it abhorrent,  I also feel that it’s not up to me;  it’s up to that woman.   She will be the one who lives with the consequences.   Is it murder?  Maybe and maybe not;  that will be up to God to decide.
Conservatives believe that Freedom has to do with limited government.  Okay;  I can go along with that to some extent.   Thing is;  what I think conservatives mean by limited government is:   They don’t want to take any responsibility for anyone else, no matter how unfortunate they may be.   They want sick people to find a place to just die if they can’t afford health insurance.  They really just don’t want to know about it, and if you tell them about it; they just blame it on laziness.    Just don’t expect anything from them; no taxes; no accountability and no regulations.
Then give them in return;  law enforcement at a dirt cheap price,  because they don’t feel they should have to pay much for it.   A military;  so that they can go fight new wars in oil-rich countries to keep feeding their growing addiction for that old black gold; and lots of constitutional amendments like;  to block gays from getting married;  illegal immigrant children from becoming citizens and Muslims from practicing their faith.  But lets not forget, they’re all really strict constitutionalists.
I agree more with Ron Paul more than I do even many Democrats; except when it comes to low taxes for the wealthy.  I think limited government is a good thing, up to a certain point.  But the very idea that we as a nation can turn our backs on someone who is ill and needs medical care,  doesn’t make us a Christian nation;  but an hypocritical nation;  a very non-compassionate  nation.
It reminds me of the that movie; The Beach,  starring Leonardo DiCaprio,  were everyone was having such a wonderful time; enjoying life away from civilization and not having any rules or regulation.  True freedom!  Then one of their members was attacked severely by a shark.   The man’s suffered in pain while they looked on.  Finally they decided that they just couldn’t stand to listen to him anymore and they carried him somewhere and left him to die.  They did this so that they wouldn’t have to listen to his cries of pain while they went on enjoying their wonderful island life. Of course,  Leo’s role ended up being the compassionate one and tried to care for the poor guy whose body had been chewed up terribly by the shark.
Freedom is precious to us all and none of us should be limited on how much freedom we have.  We don’t live in a bubble and we don’t live on an island.  As a Christian, a Progressive and  a member of the human race;  I just ask conservatives to give me the same rights as they expect for themselves.  In return,  I will give them their right to practice their religion and to carry their gun to bed with them at night.

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  1. avatar fidlerten says:


    There is one clear answer to all of the rhetoric that you just threw out there with out an ounce of fact to it; that is to simply follow the facts and follow where the money has gone to over the last several years; especially since Reagan took office and long before Obama was even a politician let alone the president. Follow the true fact and see where all the money is going, that’s the real facts and that’s all that really matters; isn’t it?
    Your Republican friends in Congress have only one interest and one goal; everything else is smoke & mirrors; protect the wealth of the wealthiest and help increase their wealth. Suck every penny out of everyone else and transfer that wealth to the wealthiest; that top 2 percent. Use the ignorant to do the job; teach them to follow like sheep to the slaughter, blindly going where they’re led. Use Conservative media to control those ignorant people to believe an alternative truth. Lead them to believe that it’s the wicked old government that’s really the real evil. Of course, these are the same people who work for that government.

    I will tell you our entitlement programs would work just fine if you can keep politicians hands off of it. If you want to send someone to jail, try George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and you might even throw in Donald Rumsfeld and a few other people connected with that regime. You want to talk lying; how about that Iraq war and those WMDs? Oh that’s right; you conservatives were all sleeping during those eight years and you just happen to wake up when the black guy got elected. I didn’t hear any of you guys bitching then when he was robbing our Social Security to give a nice big tax cut to billionaires. Not a whimper out of you during those eight years. Debt ceiling raised time and time again through Reagan, Clinton and then Bush; not a whimper out of you. But suddenly during a economically tough time for the country; thanks to good old George and his wars and tax cuts for billionaires, and now you’re concerned about the raising the debt ceiling because the black guy is in charge.

    And sure, lets leave the health care in the very capable hands of the markets and the insurance companies, because only about 50 million people have no health care at all. But then, you’re a Republican; a member of the “Christian” party and as long as you have health care, those others suckers is not your problem; right? Those compassionate Republicans can always show us the LOVE they have in their “Christian” heart. I actually think you people give Christianity a bad name; which means you give Christ a bad name. You have not a clue of the meaning of compassion or LOVE and yet you think you have the market on it.

    But hey, lets just blame it all on the black guy.

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