The New Donald Trump: Repackaged For The Republican Party

I will admit;  Donald Trump is amusing and entertaining.  I don’t watch his reality show but from watching him in the news recently, I find that he is really a great entertainer.

And now, we have a chunk of the Republican party ready to vote for him come the election.  You have to say one thing for Republicans; they do like their presidents to be entertainers of some sort.  Lets not forget President Ronald Reagan and his career as a B movie actor.  They’ve also elected other actors such as Sonny Bono in Palm Springs I believe and even Clint Eastwood as mayor of Carmel, California;  all Republicans.  Of course and then there’s the Governator; Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then don’t forget about former Senator Fred Thompson who was also an actor.  I think people in general like to elect celebrities;  which says something about our intelligence I think.

I personally have the same problem with Donald Trump as I do Mitt Romney, and that is; changing their stand on major positions, depending on who they’re trying to woo.   This is clear indicator of their character, and as I’ve said before; this is the most important aspect of a potential presidential candidate, or any candidate for that matter.

I have seen many presidents come and go.  Most of them are of the highest caliber of people; both Democrat and Republican, but there are a few that I found their  character of a questionable sort.  Two come to mind; President Richard Nixon and President George W. Bush.  I had serious issues with Ronald Reagan myself but I respected him as someone with an outstanding character.

I think Donal Trump simply changes what he believes in, for whoever he thinks he wants to sell on himself.  And, at this time, it’s the Republican party, but not so much the Republican party as the Tea Party and the Birthers;  which are more or less the same.  Each party hates President Barack Obama, so it would suffice me to say that surely many members of one group, are also members of the other group.

No, it wasn’t long ago, that Donald had a completely different opinion on a whole lot of important issues such as abortion and tax cuts.  He use to be much more aligned with the Democrats and Liberals, and now he seems to have had a rebirth into a more conservative individual, now that he’s considering running for the Republican ticket.

I personally think he will probably drop out of the race when things get tough as far as questions he doesn’t like to answer.  He already has shown a hostility toward any media personality asking him questions he doesn’t like to answer.  Questions like “What evidence has your investigation team turned up?” as one reporter asked him.  This was concerning his claim that he has a team of investigators in Hawaii, who has found all sorts of evidence that says Obama wasn’t born in the United States.   At one point, Mr Trump told the reporter it wasn’t any of his business.

Of course, this plays really well with the birther crowd; they’re just dying to get some kind of tidbit that President Obama is not an American citizen.  Surely, this has been planned since his birth and there were a whole host of conspirators; governors, doctors, newspaper publishers,  health department officials; just a whole list of people who are part of this huge conspiracy to make it seem that Obama was born in Hawaii; not Kenya or Indonesia.  A real intelligent crowd; this birther crowd; can’t you tell.

Donald Trump is also playing up to the Pro Life crowd; changing his mind about abortions.  Donald has also found religion, just like another presidential hopeful;  Newt Gingrich.  Conveniently finding God when your coincidentally running for president is quite a coincidence and quite convenient; don’t you say?

Though a president doesn’t suppose to be put to a religious test; it sounds to me that they are if they’re a Republican candidate.  You’d better have religion and it better be a certain religion or you won’t stand a chance getting the GOP nominee.

I understand that people change their views about certain things.  I’ve known people who were racist, begin to realize the error of their ways and realize that God isn’t pleased with people who hate.  Sure, people change and they see the light.  What I don’t believe is that someone suddenly finds religion or changes their opinions once they’re seeking to win over a certain group of people.   I think it pays to be weary of such a person.

Maybe Donald Trump will stay in the race, and maybe he’ll even win the Republican nomination. I would love to see him stand up to the likes of Barack Obama in a debate; and see if the man brings anything to the table worthy of debate such as foreign policy or domestic issues.  Or, will the debate all turn out to be just another platform for Mr. Trump to stump his conspiracy theory about our current president’s birthplace.  This time he’d better bring the facts.

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  2. avatar Me!:) says:

    It’s true that he’s changed his stance on a few important issues, making you question how strongly he really believes those opinions…although I don’t believe he “just conveniently found God while running for president”. I do know that he’s changed his religion (just like Gingrich) and he’s also had a few wives….none of which is good. Trump is definitely an entertainer. He seems to know what he’s talking about, though.


    • avatar fidlerten says:


      I don’t think Donal Trump knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Obama’s birth. I do think that he knows how to sound convincing. I don’t believe he actually has a team of investigators in Hawaii. That kind of talk is just to stir up a certain group of people who really don’t care what the truth is; it’s what they want to believe that’s important to them. People who are still ignorant enough to be bigots in this day and age, are not people with a whole lot of intelligence and usually will believe whatever someone tell them, as long as that person is feeding into their hate.

      I’m sure Donald Trump’s potential run for president will eventually end; probably shortly after the season final of his reality show. This is probably all about raising the viewership on his show, and after that isn’t a factor; he’ll surely drop out; using some reasoning that will make him look like a great patriot for doing it; laying claim though that if he had finished; he surely would have won.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. avatar CC says:

    I agree, the Donald is very entertaining and I do watch his reality show, however, 1.) I think he is using the “birther” issue as a smoke screen because he really doesn’t have much knowledge in anything else! He is bluffing.

    I also think Trump is a power monger and his whole goal is to “trump” Obama. If he can get Obama to get a copy of his birth certificate rather than the certificate of live birth, then he wins. That’s all he wants.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      Some very good points there. Donald cares about Donald in the end.

      As far as I’m concerned, I’m tired of having rich men run the country. I’d love to see money taken out of the equation when it comes to running for office. Think of all the wonderful people out there from all walks of life. If we want to have a country that is truly democratic; we need to make it possible that ordinary people can run for office.

      Donald Trump is just yet another rich man, riding on the wave of popular demand to prosper his own coffers.


  4. avatar mykkeo2 says:

    I agree it seems like The Donald has flip flopped his opinion on many issues. He seems to have swung to the conservative side. He will use his celebrity to get as far as he can go. I personally like Donald Trump but I dont see him as a solid candidate for the presidency.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      At least we will have something to entertain us while the 2012 election heats up. I will say that I don’t find him half as entertaining as Ross Perot during the 1992 election. LOL!!! The Banty Rooster; as we loved to affectionately call him back then; had a lot of good things to offer, and he didn’t spend all his time spewing lies like Donald Trump. I still voted for Bill Clinton, but he would have been my second choice.


  5. avatar Montana says:

    Our president had already showed his US birth Certificate to;

    1. Get a US Passport;

    2. Become a US Senator;

    I feel sorry for all the little Birthers, It’s not their fault; it’s your families’ fault that taught you that you were better than other people based on race, creed ethnicity, color, nationality or sex, in short they engrained in you their hate (what a legacy).

    But you know at some point you need to grow up and act like an adult and think for yourself and distinguish what is true and what is BS.

    But there is where the little Birthers find yourself because we all know it was never about a birth certificate or grades, because we all know you want to go around wearing white sheets, burn crosses and hang people who are not like you, we know that your growth is stunted in your hate, and hate is what this is all about, you will never win anymore, and I feel sorry for all of you.

    I can only imagine when our President is re-elected what you phonies will lie about next. Oh, and just know, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck, the little Birthers are a bunch of racists!

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