Social Issues Still Rule the Day With Republicans

When House Speaker John Boehner (R -OH) was just the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, he repeatedly asked one question of Barack Obama every time he got a chance in front of a camera.  That question being “Where are the jobs?”  He also told those same cameras repeatedly, that if and when Republicans were back in charge; their number one priority would be jobs.

Now Boehner and his large majority of Republican are back in charge, and have been for over three months, but not one single bill have they put forward to address the jobless issue in this country; three months.  Instead we have had a steady stream of social issue legislation coming from our Republican leadership, such as; abortion restrictions; defunding NPR and Planned Parenthood.

I don’t think the Republicans are interested in jobs, because if the jobless rate stays high; that will be a problem  for Barack Obama come  Election 2012.  And, isn’t that exactly what they’re interested in more than anything else; gaining back the White House?

What I have repeatedly said over and over again on this website is the fact that all the actions of Republicans in Congress, tell us exactly whose interest they are looking out for and that is the very wealthy.  The reason why they’re playing with the social issues right now is because these issues are the ones that bring out the Family Values crowd.  Most of those so-called conservative politicians really don’t care a hoot for those social issues, but it gets votes that they need desperately to keep themselves viable as a political party.

The Republican party is made up of three different factions;  the fiscal conservatives; or should I say; the money grubbers.  These are those who work the system to put gains into the pockets of their very wealthy constituents.  The richest of Americans are the only ones this group is interested in;  mostly because they want to join that group themselves; some already have.  These are the ones who actually control the party’s agenda.  They are the smallest group of the Republican party but the most powerful.

Then there’s the gun enthusiast; the NRA, which is  also one of the most powerful lobbyist group in Washington.  Then, last but not least; the social conservatives.

Social conservatives make up the largest group of the Republican party because they’re typically middle class, evangelicals who make up a huge portion of our population.  These are usually decent people who have moral values and strong feelings concerning abortions and gay marriage.   Though I may disagree with many of them on many issues, I respect their feelings concerning many of these issues.

The problem with many social conservatives is the fact that they really don’t pay that much attention to what is really going on in this country as far as our government. They pretty much believe what they’re told from the little news they do get which is usually conservative outlets, such as Fox News.  Actually it’s mostly Fox News, which seems to be the voice of the Republican party.

Thought these social conservatives may vote their consciences; they do not vote their own self-interest.  If they did, they would be voting for the Democratic Party.  Why?  Because the Democrats; though not perfect; serve the interest of the common person; working class people.  In fact, when Democrats get it in their heads that they need to shore up a little on their social issues, they’ll pick up a lot more votes. Now I’m not saying they should give up their principles but there is plenty of room for compromise.

Truth is; the jobless numbers are going down a great deal, but it has nothing to do with what the Republicans in the House of Representatives are doing right now.  Instead, it’s because of actions our president did before this last election, when the Republicans gained power by taking over the House of Representatives and gaining seats in the Senate; not counting all the state and local gains they took in. They took those seats mostly because they painted Barack Obama a failure as far as jobs and that they could do so much better.

So I have to ask Mr. Boehner and all of his cohorts;  Where are the jobs?  Surely, cutting funding for organizations like NPR and Planned Parenthood isn’t going to help our deficit much at all, being that both of their funding combined together doesn’t add up to more than a few hundred million, out of a deficit of trillions.

I would hope that the American people will get wise to the actions of the Republicans and send them packing this next election.  If they’re paying attention at all, they’ll clearly see that Republicans in Congress are not looking out for the interest of most of us, but just the powerful and wealthy few.


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