Leaving Behind The Baggage

When someone makes a choice decision in their life to be begin a life with God; they must also get rid of the things that will only hold them down.  Some of these things are fear, hate, unforgivness, strife, etc.

Let’s talk about all of these and point out why they will stand between you and your God.

Fear; this is one of the biggest issues with most so-called Christians today.  Many evangelicals, protestant and catholic believers live in virtual fear all the time.  This is encouraged by many of those in political circles, and in my opinion;  mostly from the Right.  There is a consistent barrage of fear-mongering going on by media pundits, but also even political operatives and elected officials.   Christians have every reason to put their faith in God and not be afraid.

Fear is the opposite of faith. In fact; to have fear is to have faith in Satan and his power.   The reasoning behind this is the very fact that if you are afraid of what can happen to you;  then you obviously are not putting your trust in God, but in the Devil instead.  Now of course it’s natural to have a little fear of uncontrollable things happening, but this is where your faith starts to grow.   One of the things I like to do when I see all the things going on in this world; for instance; what’s going on in Egypt at this moment and  then there’s the talk about 2012 and how this may be the end of the world.  Then we have questions like; “How far along does Iran have before manufacturing a nuclear missile?”  This is when I say to myself out loud “God is In Control”.  By simply stating this knowledge to myself, I have also accepted that whatever happens; God is in Control and I need not worry.

Hate.  Hate is a sure God-relationship killer. You can not have a relationship with God through Christ Jesus if you have any hate for any man or race or any other discriminatory feelings toward a person or a certain group of people.  I’ve witnessed this within the very churches that suppose to teach God’s love and instead use their pulpits to express their own hatred and prejudice.  I have no idea what’s in store for people like that; who suppose the be a Light in a dark world, espousing hate.   This is one place that false prophets will rise up and lead people away from God by teaching them to hate.

Unforgiveness.   I will say that this is one area that I’ve had a struggle with myself.  When others do terrible things that hurt you;  it’s really difficult sometimes to find forgiveness in your heart toward that person. But, it is necessary to dig deep within yourself and find that forgiveness. It’s vital for your walk with God.  Unforgiveness can eat at you like a cancer.  This is something that sometimes you really have to seek God’s Grace within you to forgive someone.   I know I have sometimes after many bitter tears and feelings,  I sought to seek revenge instead of the plan that God had for me.  I had to decide to hand it over to God and let it go.  One the ways I learned  to do,  is pray for the person or persons who hurt me,  and just keep praying for them every time I pray.  One of the prayers I like to pray over all of those who do not have a walk with God is  “That their eyes be opened  to the revelation knowledge of God’s Word, and for God to thrust laborers into their path.”  Eventually I start seeing what God wanted me to see; a lost soul who needed God.

Strife.  Strife could be a combination of all those I’ve just mentioned.  Strife actually happens when certain things are not working well together. You might have strife with a coworker who keeps doing things you don’t like, or maybe a family member.  Sometimes families are so tied up in strife, that the whole household is in a deep tension.

If you find your having strife within your life at work or home or wherever; then you need to pray about it. Not just pray for the other person or people, but also for yourself that you see clearly what is causing the strife, and for you to take wisdom on how you deal with it, either by humbly going to the person or persons who you’re having the strife with and work it out, or doing something to change the dynamic.

I have had strife in certain areas of my life, if it was a problem with someone at work, or at home that I didn’t always handle correctly in my lifetime.   I have learned to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit on how to deal with those situations.   As this blog goes on,  I will talk much more about the power of the Holy Spirit and how you can let the Spirit guide you in so many areas of your life.

So these are some of the main baggage that is important to get rid of for your journey getting to know God.   God understand everything going on in your life and He has a way for you to overcome,  if you will just listen and yield yourself to His power;  not your own.

Larry Clement

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  1. avatar Valerie says:

    Great job, Fid. I have had many struggles with fear lately – fear of lack of security as I age. I never thought of it as faith is satan rather than God. Thank you.

    Also lately, every time I feel myself getting even mildly irritated with someone I pray, not only for that person, but also for my feelings toward them.

    • avatar fidlerten says:

      Hey Val,

      I have this blog which I don’t contribute to anymore on WordPress.com called “Ruling The Day”. It’s got 25 blogs on it. I decided to just concentrate my attention on this website instead.

      Yesterday I decided to export/import all of those 25 blogs onto this website so that they’d get a wider audience and also because they hold a lot of my beliefs concerning my God who is such an important part of my life.

      I do pray they’ll touch other people’s lives and help them to overcome all the things of this world.

      I’m glad to hear that this article gave you some inspiration.

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