Republicans: Tax Cuts For The Wealthy And Nothing Else Matters

It’s been a few days since I made a blog. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, but I have been very busy with the rest of my life.   Obviously, I’ve been much busier than our Congress where hardly anything is happening.  And, it seems quite promising that this will not change anytime soon, including at least the next couple of years.

The ‘Party of No’ has spoken clearly of their intentions for the rest of this Congress and that is to say “No”.  That is, unless the president and the Democrats will give them their tax cuts for the top two percent in this country.  Senate Minority (Soon to be Majority) Leader in the Senate; Mitch McConnell, announced that all 42 Republicans in the Senate have signed a letter stating that they will block every piece of legislation until they get their tax cuts.  Even if it means letting 98 percent of the population’s tax cuts to also expire. 

These elected members of our Congress decided that unless they got their way, nothing would get through Congress; they’d block it all.  This all took place the day after the leading lawmakers from both parties met with the President at the White House;  a meeting that the Republican Lawmakers claimed went well.

This Declaration that they have made, promises to block off very important legislation;  like extending tax cuts for families right at the holiday season.  And the Start treaty that has been proclaimed by the political establishment on both sides as being very important has already been met with opposition from Republican Leaders in the Congress.

What this does show clearly, and what many progressives like me have been saying all along;  the Republican Party is nothing but the political party of the rich and powerful.  Even if they do have a few other issues on their agenda, like the pro-life issue, it still boils down to the fact that their one most important issue is protecting the wealth of the top two percent of the wealthiest Americans.   This two percent are people who have enough in their bank accounts and other assets from around the world, much of which is never taxed at all; will never ever use up that wealth; nor will their families or their descendants.  But even so; these are the people the Republicans care about most.  They’d just as well that we all go down in the ditch if the richest of Americans can’t keep having their cake and eating it too.

Now any of you who have kept up with my blog knows; I’m a big fan of Barack Obama.  I  still am but he really frustrates me sometimes.  I will tell you that I think he’s of a much higher stock of human being than many of his most adamant critics.  His character to me, has always been impeccable and he’s intelligent and thoughtful.  I respect him highly. But I think he needs to be stronger when it comes to standing up for what he believes.

I do know that he believes strongly that tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans should expire and reduce the deficit.  He understand quite clearly, that it will not hurt these people in the least.  They will not do without anything their hearts desire. On the other hand,  tax cuts for many Americans who are part of the 98 percent, will have to do without something if their tax cuts expire.

Personally I think that they should just let all the tax cuts expire.  I do believe that we will survive it.  I also think it’s a good idea for the Democrats to push through on a vote anyway to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, even if they know it won’t win.  It’s important because it’s time that the American people wake up and realize what they have done by handing back the reins of power to one branch of our Congress.  That these individuals would stand in the way of help for unemployed people, and also put our country’s security at risk by not ratifying the START treaty, just so to protect the wealth of the wealthiest of Americans.

Over the last several years during the Bush Administration, these people’s income level has skyrocketed; this while the rest of the populations wages  stagnated and eventually they began losing their  jobs and their homes and their livelihoods.

I’m still waiting on those jobs that all those tax cuts during the Bush years was suppose to create and now their telling us that the wealthy still needs their tax cuts so that they can create jobs.  I think they should first show us the jobs that they promised us from the Bush years before we even consider letting them keep their tax cuts.  Sorry, by the time Bush left office in 2009, the jobless rate was not much better than when he first handed the rich tax cuts in 2008 and shortly afterword, the jobless rate soared, sending millions into the unemployment lines. 

In fact, if you look back into the history of this theory that by allowing the wealthiest of Americans to keep more of their money;  they will in turn provide jobs;  has never panned out.  There is not one stitch of evidence that trickle-down economics has ever worked.

What does work is a government and a society that assures workers at all levels of the working force, are guaranteed a decent living wage.  Also that American workers of all levels are guaranteed security in their old age.  Another important issue is that they have access to good health care without having to bankrupt their savings and put double  mortgage on their homes from medical crises in their families.

These are the people who get up every day and by the sweat of their brow.  These are the people that the top two percent of the wealthiest Americans can thank for that wealth;  because of that hard work of the middle class that the Republicans are so ready to throw to the dogs if their rich friends can’t keep more of their money.

I don’t know if the President and the Democrats in Congress are going to stand up to the Republicans and refuse to give in, or if they will eventually buckle and give them what they want.  I do know that once the Republicans take over the House of Representatives next year, that tax cuts for the wealthy; deregulation of the banking industry so that banks can continue the behavior that put us into the great recession anyway; and blocking the health care law will be the priorities of the Republican House.

When will this transfer of wealth ever end?  Never, as long as there is anything left in our pockets, the Republicans will continue to try and deprive us of it and pipeline it to the wealthiest bank accounts.  In the mean time;  the rest of us will work longer for allot less.  When will the American populace come to realize who serves their interest the most and the less?   I suppose when there is finally nothing left but slavery to those who have sucked up all the wealth in this country. They will control our government with their money and we will be resigned to live out our days for whatever little pittance that the wealthy wishes to pay us if at all.

That maybe what they’re thinking but I will tell you as I’ve said before; history has proven that if you starve a population and tyranny rules over the people; they will rise up against it in revolution and overthrow that government.  We are a ways from that final resolve at this time, but believe me;  if we continue down this road were everyone is becoming poorer except a very small percentage of our population, who is just getting richer and richer; there will eventually come an uprising.

This to me would be a good strategy of the Democrats and the President; raise the limit from $250,000 a year to 1 million instead.  One of the Republican’s talking points is  “It’ll hurt small businesses” (one they like to use often), so simply completely take out of the equation, anyone that they can call a small business and make it for only the very wealthiest of Americans.  Do this as a strong gesture of cooperation and compromise.

One thing you can count on is that this will never do.  The reason why; because the people they are mainly concerned about is not small businesses, but the billionaires who are their bread and butter.  The reason to do this is simply to finally prove to the American people what this political party stands for and whose side they are on.

In closing I will say this; we as a country will continue to see poverty grow and the dividing line between the rich and the poor will be strongly defined, and we will continue to lose more of what we have to those few who would have it all.   I say this because it’s meant to be.  It is the “Root of  All Evil” the love of that precious green stuff that gives them so much power.  It is also meant to be that we will all stand before our final judgment and give an account.  Wealth will then mean nothing to that judge, as it seems to do with our own Supreme Court.   The high will be brought low and the low will be brought high.

Nothing Else Matters.

Larry Clement

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